[Mission] Distress Call alien daily mission

This mission is a 150 - 200 mission, I did on my 181 engi, and it failes since it updates to “Defend from the attackers” step 2, and that step cannot be redone if you fail to survive the aliens, since the mission then is stuck. You have to, presumably, delete it or get it done another way.

  • 2056.9, 3335.8, 8.8 (2056.9 3335.8 y 8.8 665)

This is seemingly odd, since the mission neither fails in itself, time out, or have an option to redo it, so it do not fit with how an mission in AO, and especially daily alien missions, work.

Edit: Found something. If you DELETES the mission, step 2, the mission “Distress Call” (step 1) reappears. This mission seems it ought to reset itself to step1? or somehow got a slight bug?

If I’m not mistaken, you have to kill a certain number of aliens in the “wave”. If I recall it was 4. So, if you die after 2, you can go back and trigger the wave again to finish the kill.

The mission should have a 3/4 minute timer like its higher level version but it doesn’t, as long as it can be deleted to try again though I guess that works.