Missions in Omni-Ent slums are attatched to the wrong zone and can't be entered


So as the title says, certain mission locations in Omni Entertainment can’t be accessed because the buildings they’re in are actually flagged as being in Omni Forest, even though they are not accessible that way. The mission waypoint marker is on a door for the inaccessible reproduction Omni-Ent behind the wall in Omni Forest. If you actually zone into Omni Ent and go to the mission building, you cannot enter. The mission marker does not show and you get the “mission not in this area” message if you upload to map.

Just lost 2 missions this way :frowning:


Yeah. Don’t pull missions to OE. It seems to be bugged at least 25% of the time for me. Either they are actually in Omni Forest, or the door isn’t a functional door at the mish. Ah well. :roll_eyes: