Bugs to be fixed

  1. When getting a “return item to mission terminal” mission, you’re unable to complete the mission. So far from what I’ve seen this only happens when the item is a nano you have to return and it has the tag Visual Profession. When putting the nano on the mission terminal you get the message “You’re not allowed to use this item.”

  2. When playing an agent and using a False Profession nano, occasionally the game does not register than you’re in a false profession despite that it’s still in your NCU. Zoning fixes this, but sometimes you are not able to zone so this can be really annoying.

  3. Right clicking rings to equip them sometimes does not work and dragging and dropping is required.

1 has been around, 2 I would attribute to some rings having abilities to use on clicking. Pretty sure I’ve been able to auto equip rings.

If 1 has been around, it needs to be fixed ASAP.

With the rings, I specifically remember being unable to right click notum rings but I may have had a bloodleech ring equipped.

There are other crazy old bugs that need to be fixed first, like team window health display bugs.


I’ve experienced both bugs on the live server for a long time, not to say that they don’t need fixing, but neither is new nor exclusive to the 2019 server.

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Speaking of mission bugs - RK2019 - I pull missions to Omni Entertainment, the mission will pop up in the map window as Omni Entertainment, the description will say Greater Omni Forest. I’ve had to delete these because when I have found where it “should” be (both in OE and in GOF), I can’t get in the door. I’ve never experienced this problem on RK5, so I’m unsure if it’s specific to RK2019. I thought at first it was a glitch, but I was able to pull 2 additional missions in which I had the same problem.

A little more info - The mission icon will show up on the planet map in OE, but the verbiage says it’s not in this location. When I zone into GOF, I get a waypoint indicator on the compass that points back to OE and the mission indicator remains on the planet map as being in OE.

At any rate, thanks to Clicksaver I can weed out potentially “bad” mission locales. :grin: