A Time To Every Purpose - Still broken

I was excited when I saw this in the latest patch notes:

A Time To Every Purpose - Fixed a desync when crafting.

I went to go replay the mission to see that long-standing crafting problem finally fixed.

Except… it’s not fixed. I make the Umbo just fine, but then I cannot combine it with the remaining materials necessary to create the whole Ancille.

the scroll is not even showing up for me (and others).
this whole mission needs to be seriously rewritten or just deleted. it’s irritating beyond any justification already.

Not really helpful (sorry), but this one keeps boggling my mind. Between all the people I’ve tried to help through this (separate items one by one, shift the entire thing by one column, etc) and literally none of my now probably a dozen SWL alts who have completed the mission ever encountering that bug… just gred rid of the damn old crafting system already!?

Edit: typo.

/reloadui should fix the issue