Token/pvp missions on omni side bugged, Lieutenant Antonio Neal

Bug: Lieutenant Antonio Neal won’t give me further mission if i stop after first mission.

How to recreate:
Take mish to tir (in my case, might work if you do 4 holes first as well) kill 5 militia men, go back to Lieutenant Antonio Neal
and get mission to kill the “boss” in 4 holes, agitator something.
Kill him, go back to Lieutenant Antonio Neal and get reward.
After this he will offer you to do the other mission, in my case in 4 holes since i did tir first. (kill 5 militias)
If you cancel dialog at this stage, because you want to do it later or whatever, you will not be able to get this mission later, you have to wait for the lock to expire.

Clearly something is not working here.
I don’t think the clan counterpart does this but i haven’t tried.

Since game is on lifesupport i honestly don’t expect a fix, but i try to do what i can…