Penumbra Xan Quest

So i decided to start doing penumbra xan quest and got to the part Observe Arbiter, but that mob hiisi arbiter is missing, been searching it for awhile now been several hours, asked in darknet, and it seems several people have same problem for days now, would you please fix it ASAP?


I can confirm missing Hiisi Arbiter.

Last I remember, he runs around but I could be wrong. If he doesn’t run around you need to search the area and you may have to click target him instead of tab.

Well yea we are now atleast 30+ people i asked everyone to petition, but still no reply from FC. And yea its no where around the hub

For future visitors: the Hiisi Arbiter is back again at his usual spot since saturday.


darn Hiisi took a Rubi-ka vacation!