Wanted! quest for Shadows of Jade in NG bugged?


Im trying to fulfill quest for Shadows of Jade called Wanted! its about making some minion assassins of brittleblade come for you life and you got remark to kill some of those, ofc after talking with SoJ npc and tearing down the contract posted in Brittle Blade main camp/hideout at first.

case is im even more than 20 hours of questing in NG and couldnt manage to spawn even one of them, im playing barbarian if that can ring a bell to someone,

its not only about quest itself but about faction progression, since i believe this quest is in chain for faction next zone recommendation one, i made all others quests (4x or 5x now) for SoJ and also got rank for it but im stuck at Wanted! one

little bit of descripting my problem, i already searched internet found two simillar problem threads at old forum but it didnt put any light on my matter, also went Crom to find answers there but ppl were just saying wait they will appear sooner or later but for me they didnt, as mentioned 20 hours + in NG bouncing around doing quest either faction or regular ones, at first i didnt care but after i found out that while i hide it pops me out of it, like those assassins would but script buggs out or smth and after nothing happens, so i stay put and dont hide in NG at all nor use my mount anymore - all of that to be sure not to miss any of them assassins. Ive stood idle for 15-20-30mins in plenty of various spots in NG incl enterance from Gateway side, Pin-pin, lotus forest, main BB camp and redcliff inn resspad where i managed to spawn one of them some time back on other of my characters - non-rogue one.

i already wrote petition, and GMs told me they cant help since its intended for them assassins to act this way and they dont see anything wrong with it, after i got a hang on to speak with one since before that i only had responses in petition system cos i wasnt there on time to be answered he said that he will pass input on his matter to devs since when i explained and showed him that it may be bugged since while you hide it pops you out of it like a npc critter would make successful perception skill check and noone is there, nonthless it didnt help at all with puting this quest any further

i even tried to spend time and do questing in night time instead doing it daylight, i also respeced my skills to max perception cos i thought it may help, cost me 2 gold and after another 2 gold to go back to hiding maxed… :frowning:

plz somebody help im 20+ hours in NG at it and no luck making it done, i listened and did like other players told me, means just do quest and they will occassionaly come or to just stand idle in pin-pin for some time, but nothing helped me, as im still stuck with none of them coming down at me

thx in advance

As others have said it’s a very buggy quest … sometimes the assassin spawn quickly; other times they never seem to spawn.
You could try rezoning to see if it helps to get them to spawn. If zoning back in will prompt the script associated with the quest to re-initiate as you zone back into NG.
Many times I just given up on it and deleted it then taken it again. But even then it’s still random chance if they turn up ever.

I have had luck with them spawning around the Hyrkanian camp around their supply tent and sometimes they spawn while fighting other mobs. It always took me a couple days for all of them to spawn. Also I think around Pin-Pin. Good luck it is a grind of grinds

ok thx for answers guys

it only prooves that it may not be bugged as i thought of, so case is to spend more time in NG to have a chance at it,

my only complaint would be that quest itself blocks reccomendation one, as you see im far after reaching rank for it and doing quests now for x time

anyway ill try some more to hang out in NG to force to pop it