Missmatching item and creature names. Pick ONE name and stick with it!

Game mode: Online && Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: *,

Two examples;

About half the game says Abyssal Remnant, the other half says Abysmal Remnant. My death in game says Abyssal but the official wiki says Abysmal. The journey step says Abyssal but some items in game say Abysmal.

Also the “Elk King” is actually called “Forest King” in-game and I was searching for the Elk King for way to long just to find there’s atleast 3 of them near by base under a different name. You get the Elk King’s head from a Forest King, there is no Elk King creature in game.

I know this is super petty but it really annoys me, it’s sloppy.
Keep on fixing this great game though.))

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Journey V step Destroy Abys_sal_ Remnant // Go north and find any Forest King
  2. Seach official wiki and find “Abys_mal_ Remnant” // Kill Forest King and retreive an Elk King’s head
  3. Die from the Abys_sal_ Remnant or retrieve Abys_mal_ Remnant items // Cry a bit

They’ve done the spit, not the polish

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Also, “King Kappa” drops the head of the “Shaleback King”. Guys you need to decide if your turtle-apes are “Kappas” or “Shalebacks” and make sure all references point to the chosen name…including game files.

Kudo head and mounted Kudu… Or something like that.

Oh, that’s a fun one. A creature called a “Kudo” drops a “Kudu Head” which makes a “Kudo Head Trophy”. :sweat:

By the way, the official word from the Wiki staff is that they consider the name of a monster based on the name of it’s loot. So, as it drops “Abysmal” items, it’s called “Abysmal Reminant”. Most of us would like it to be “Abyssal” as that sounds better, but fixing it is up to Funcom.

That’s quite strange, I’d have thought it be the other way round. Though perhapse it’s more effort to change loot item names rather than a journey step or nameplate huh. :spoon:

Kinda feel like this game was built by lots of people not talking to each other(

Though if they have a vote, I’m +1 for Abyssal.

Items are updated on the wiki by a direct pull of data from the game files, so yeah, changing item names kinda breaks that. Thus said, there’s been no choice in some cases as Regular Armor and Epic Armors both have the same name, and there’s two Hyrkanian Bows with different stats. :confounded:

But yeah, general rule is don’t change items names unless there’s absolutely no choice.

Or… fix the in game names, and the wiki.

That was don’t change item names on the wiki. Yes, if the devs change an item name, it gets changed when the item db gets pulled shortly after patch. And the old reference gets redirected.