Moca Loco ((open RP))

((open to anyone and everyone))

Walking into the busy coffee shop, Ember looked about for a quick second before making a beeline straight to the counter. “Tall latte short foam.” She handed the cashier her credit card and moved off to the side, waiting for her coffee.


Aside the busy coffee shop, sitting down at one of the counter stools was a man decked in a uniform, blue and black; with the label of “paramedic” on the backside of his shirt.

He’d sit there with a half-empty cup of black coffee, cold already from the time spent sitting here. The man would glance up from his mindless perusal of his phone apps to see the woman and cashier.

As she leaned against the counter she felt that sensation of someone staring at her. Turning slowly she gazed at the other patrons in the cafe. Her eyes made contact with the man in the uniform staring in her direction. Offering a courtesy nod of her head towards him.

“Here’s your coffee.” the barista said while plunking the cup down on the counter near Ember “Thanks.” she said knowing the barista had already left, going about filling another cup. Taking the cup and walking over to the man. She extended her arm with a closed fist. The soft jingle of several arm bands clinking together from the motion barely audible within the cafe “What’s up?”

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The pale faced paramedic tilted his head, staring at the lass. Looking upon him, Ember would find gaunt and tired outlines indented into his visage.

He’d let one hand to run through his slicked back raven hair before murmuring a reply, “Mm? Hello-- Nothing much, really. Just off duty right now, trying to wake up before work. You?” He leaned back a bit, stretching out his form.

“Off duty huh.” she lowered her outstretched arm down to her side “I’m just getting started. Needing me fuel for the day.” Taking a sip of the latte “I take it you’re a Paramedic?”

The raven haired man nodded, “Yep. At least that’s what it says on my back. They don’t pay me enough just to advertise.” He chuckled with a low inflection. “Name’s Olaf. I work for EMT services for a hospital near here.”

“I’m surprised that there would be a medical team for this place. I mean with the amount of bee’d and or magic’y people.” Taking a long sip of the latte Ember leans against one of the nearby stools. Never taking her eyes off of Olaf after hearing his name. “Maybe I should tell my friend to actually get a job their at the hospital. She’s constantly finding dead bodies around here.” Using air quotes “Finding new experiments” she said using a very bad Russian accent “Of course she won’t since she’s a bit odd but, she’s cool.”

With a bit of surprise on her face “Oh, sorry I’m Ember by the way.”

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“There are still countless muggles about here, not to mention that even the stock of chosen do need to be repaired if they do not wish to take the morbid and painless way out to do so.” The opinion proffered as he shrugged, perhaps now with a gaunt smile.

“Curious of your… friend. Dead bodies? Around Ealdwic? London?” Olaf questioned as he nodded, “Pleasure to meet you, miss.”

“Yeah, true but, do you think its actually painless? From what I know the process is still painful depending on the method of opting out.” rubbing the bottom of her cup against the skin of her arm, scratching an itch “They’re out there trust me. She has a nose to find them and when she does she gets excited, like a kid in a candy store.”

“No, but I would imagining suffering with a gunshot wound to be healed up over some time would be a more drawn out pain than reformation. More suffering?” He muttered, “Perhaps, less pain, not entirely painless. I wouldn’t know, albeit.” Olaf smirked as he’d wave the barista for a new cup of coffee.

Nodding in slight approval to what he had said “That may be true but, there’s a few that have made it known that taking the express train back is pretty unsettling.” Swishing what remained of her latte in the cup before titling it back. Finishing it in one full gulp “It’s been interesting talking with you Olaf, I have to go meet some people about a book. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around here.” giving him a quick smile.

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