Who Are You, Sonnac - PT3 - a very short fanfic story

Weigt on the back foot, Lori keped her distance-control on Dumb, as he charged her, seting up for a one-two, southpaw stance. The halo around his arms told her this was gona be more then just a punch up. He had some magic. Chaos magic, from the hue of it. Maked sense. These two wer physical types, and Chaos lend itself wel to that.

Good. Shuld make things interesting, the woman reflected with a eager smirk, as she out-distanced his 1st, then blocked the 2nd, even as a surge of Chaos vent thru her.

She let out a grunt, as it did hurt. That sweet kind of pain she come to asociate vith enemy phyzical spells. The Oni in Tokyo loved their phyzical spells. Made fighting them that much more fun. Using the pain, she chaneled her own surge of Blood magic, griping his arm in a lock, and draining him brifly, as she twisted, then broght her elbow under his chin, sending him stumble-back a step, vith a grunt of his own.

Off the corner of her eye, she culd see Zamira keeping Dumber at bay, with vhat looked like some good aplication of elemental fire/lightning barrage, mixed with teleporting away. The woman looked reluctent to get in-close to the guy tho.

“She likes the range. Fair enogh. I’m a bruiser.” - Lori thought, launching in-to a one-two of her own, a teep, folowed by a Blood-chaneled throat punch at slit between the man’s helmet and chest plate of his armor. She wuldnt use her blade. Or rip his heart out with a Blood channel. If she wanted this ■■■■■■■■ dead, he’d be dead. That vasnt the point. They needed these two alive, for information extraction.

He checked her teep, then catched her arm as she struck, puling her in for a HARD cross to her face, right at the base of her nose. Her hind-brain rattled, as she lost balance from the concusion-impact, feeling the warm wet-ness of blood painting her nose as it flattened under his heavy gauntleted fist. It was a solid, good punch.

Oh yea! That sweet taste of blood in her mouth, folowed by a sligt feeling of light-headedness, as she landed on her back. It broght back memories of her many fights. This wuldnt be a KO, not even close, but it REALY got her in the mood. She almost smiled.

Instinctivly, she rolled away, as Dumb tryed to stomp on her face, with a roar behind the helmet. They werent playing by any rules here. And he was pissed. No doubt the memory of her blade at his throat vas stil fresh in his mind.

“I kill you, traitor.” - he growled, the first words she ever heard the man speak.

“The monkey can speak. Lovely.” - Lori hissed, goading him, tasting her blood, as she tryed to kip back up. He vas ready for it, tackling her back down, then landing atop, starting to pound at her face, as she assumed a full guard.

Oh god this was fun! True, having a heavyer opponent, in full armor, atop of her wasnt exactly a preferable pozition on the ground, but he vas clumsy enogh to easyli reverse it, if needed. For now, she vas content to let him punch himself out a little, keeping her full guard. She knew how easy he got winded, from there first little match in Sonnac’s office. Cardio vas definitly on her side, and this prick didnt strike her as knowing the finer points of energy managment in a fight.

“Lori! I’m coming!” - Zamira yelled from somevhere off to the side, but Lorianne just shouted back: “Dont bother. I got this! You just… ugh… keep the other one busy!”

He kept grunting like a animal, raining blows down on her tight guard. Making no effort to get past, realy, just trying to overwhelm it vith brute force and the number of blows. He vas strong, no doubt about it. VERY strong. But vith about as much finesse as a bull in china shop. Her guard held, as he kept wearing himself out. Chaos magic crackling all around them, various paradoxes adding there counter-point of pain, to Lori. She grunted in masochistic pleazure.

This. Was. F-king. Fun! Almost sexually-charged, plus a good workout. A kind of violent foreplay she sometimes liked, vith guys who culd handle it with her. Too bad the circumstances wer diferent. And too bad this guy was about as appealing as a mangy pig. Smelled like one, too. Yuck. So much for Templar class.

Finaly, judging by his gasping for air behind that helmet, Lori made her move. He was gassing out. She slipped one of the blows, then catched his arm in a reverse-lock, rolling them both to the side, then completing the lock, hooking her leg over his head, to a side-mount… and the makings of a good armbar. He got his other arm locked in time, preventing it for the time being… but he culdnt do sh-t about the side-mount. As for the other arm. Well. Blood Magic did a good job withering the muscles. Her body started glowing with runic hex, as she engulfed them both in it. She culd feel him groaning in pain, his rezistance slacking off. His arm vas now at her mercy.

Nothing fancy. She culd feel his elbow shatter, as she pulled HARD. He let out a moan of agony. She almost feled herself misting at it. Like it or not, she was INTO this.

“Shut up, b**hboy.” - she hissed, elbowing him to the back of the head, so his face slamed into the ground, as she mounted his back, his limp, disabled right arm twitching to the side. Then she ripped his helmet off, throwing it to the side, and finaly grabbing him in a rear naked choke.

“Now.” - she slamed him face-down in-to the concrete ground, bloodying his nose.

“Let’s talk.” - she slamed him down again, harder then yanked back, into the choke, digging her knee in his back, to keep him pinned down, as she snapped his other arm at the elbow, in another bar. It payed to be thorough.

“And dont think for a moment I wont break you, if the talk is un-productive.” - she slammed him face-down again. The concrete under, now painted in his blood, as both his arms twitched un-controlably.

“Pit. Pendulum. Vhich-ever one you are. I dont give a f-k, tough guy. And I’m sick of the Old Guard’s bulls**t. YOU GOT ME?!!?” - she slamed him face-down again. Harder. Also adding a sharp elbow to the back of his head. This time his nose fully giving-way, vith another spurt of blood, and another moan of his agony. The amount of blood seeping-out of him, maked her thing she may have gone a littttttle over-board with her Blood Magic on him. The concrete under them was soaked.

“F-k sakes Lori, ease off! We NEED them talkative!” - Zamira’s exasperated voice snapped her out of it.

Oh man… she was tempted to go thru vith it, right then and there. But… no. NO. FOCUS. Info. Required.

“Right… You got the other one?” - she growled, easing-off the choke slightly, letting him get his breath, but not shifting her atention from her prey.

“Not quiet… but looks like he really cares about his frend.” - Zamira grinned.

At this, Lorianne spared a glance to the side, to see the suited one, looking a little singed from the elemental onslaught he was under, his suit charred and burned, but his atention clyarly fully on his friend, who she now had at her mercy. Her bloodyd face spread into a wicked grin.

“Aww. That’s sweet. Don’t worry, honey. I won’t kill him. Not if you both play nice and give us the info we need. Come on. In-to that container, nice and private. We’ve got a few questions for you, about the tanker, and the kind of security setup aboard. Plus, what exactly you people are guarding there. Come on! And no funny business, or I wont be this gentle on your boyfrend here.” - she got up off the prostrate armored man, who kept moaning in agony.

“And just for the record, vhich one are you? Pit or Pendulum? I can never tell you apart…” - she asked as the suited and masked man helped the armored one up.

His masked face glanced at her.

“Pit.” - was the only word past the mask, growled in hate.

“Nice to meet you. Take your pal insyde, and make yourselvs comfortable. Z, do me a favor and keep watch out here? In case we get company. I’m gona talk with these two.”

“Lori? These two are ■■■■■■■■, but please don’t kill them. I’m all for sticking it to the Old Guard, especially in light of vhats been happening lately, but let’s not kill our own unless necesary. Alright? We got enogh enemies outsyde the organization.” - the other woman stopped her, serious tone.

“I dont want to. But its up to them.” - Lorianne replyed quietly.

“You sure you dont want to? Becauze you looked… berzerk… just now. I’m worryd about you.” - Zamira perzisted, looking the red-haired agent in the eyes. The other woman stirred, meeting the gaze.

“I promise. Alright? I’m just angry. I’m so f-king angry. Angry at this whole situation, angry that its come to this at all. This is NOT what I thoght Templars wer all about. I thoght we wer the good guys. And… I never thoght Sonnac would…” - Lorianne trailed off.

“Look. We’l get to the bottom of this. Okay? Just dont go off the deep end. I know you got to like him, but I’m sure theres a explanation to all of this.” - Zamira hugged her.

“I hope so…” - Lori akcepted the hug, briefly letting a touch of sentiment out, supressing tears. Then she released, hardening her expression again, wiping both blood and tears off her face.

“Keep a eye out. I’ll be insyde.” - steping in-to the container, then closing the doors.

// PT4 when I got time for it //