Dragon's Death - a very short fanfic story

// Just a smal part of my head-canon on how the PC shuld react to varius bull**** threats and insinuetions from faction handlers. I’ve got a vhole bunch of Iluminati ones, but this one is Dragon-based. Fun fact - no Templar ones. Any guess which 1 is my favorite faction? :slight_smile: //


Eleniya steped in-to the Dojang, for a debriefing after a semi-succesful assignment in New England. Once insyde, she was greeted by Bong Sa, standing in front of the Dragon’s throne and the Dragon Head, the Child himself. She was holding a seemingly-innocus phone. At the foot of the stairs, a pair of Monks wer standing guard, silently obzerving the arrival. Eleniya only gave them both a scowl… she had not forgoten how one of them assaulted her in her home, and kidnapped her.

“Our analysts say you have performed in accordance with our models. If you had not…” - Bong Sa began, then made a dramatic pause there, looking down at her phone. Eleniya’s eyes narrowed, as she had a pretty good idea of what was coming next.

“…one push of a button.” - Bong Sa continued, vith a superior, arrogant smirk, lifting her gaze back to Eleniya’s increasingly-narrowed eyes, her finger hovering over a key on the phone. The implication was very clyar indeed. And Eleniya would have none of it. A flashpoint of cold rage, deep in her chest, almost took her breath away, as her left fist clenched. It made her livid. This woman talking down to her, thretening her?!

It wasn’t enogh, that these people have kidnaped her out of her home against her will, and conscripted her into there organization, now this f*n bh has the audacity to threten her life?!? Even by insinuetion? After evrything she’d been through, overseas in that undead-infested hellhole?! And the very idea, that her life or death culd be decided by a single press of a button on a smartphone, was enogh to send Eleniya, the normally colected and rational, Eleniya, into a sudden burst of indignant rage. She didn’t stop and think, that it might have been a lie… a control tool. That Bong Sa vas messing with her. She was too angry to think clyarly. Threats had that efect on her.

“Then I’ll make sure you can never push that button, b***h.” - Eleniya growled, eyes blazing, as Bong Sa opened her mouth to continue. The agent lifted her right arm, a fireball forming on it, in a split second. The two monks reacted almost instenty, making a rush for her, even as Bong Sa’s eyes widened in shock. THIS was not what any of their models predicted!

The fireball flyed out of Eleniya’s splayed fingers, at Bong Sa, turning the other woman in-to a screaming, flailing human torch, along with her phone, vhich was sent flying, burning, toward the back wall. The blast was severe enogh to also engulf the Dragon Head behind her, the child screeching in agony, trying to protect himself with an Anima shield, as the two monks tackled Eleniya to the ground. Vith a burst of telekinetic rage, she threw them off of her, kipping back to her feet.

“You wil not use me anymore! And you wil NEVER threten me again!” - she roared, pure Anima energy crackling around her, as she went for her twin pistols next, the two Monks also kiping to there feet, an Anima shield forming around each of them, as more footsoldiers of the Dragon wer rushing forward, to stop there sudenly rebellious agent, swords drawn.

Anima-assisted, a hail of bullets, real and conjured, flyed out of Eleniya’s twin pistols, at multiple targets at once. The two Monks’ anima shields deflected the shots meant for them, but a regular footsoldier catched a round, stumbling forward, then another, into his throat, killing him. Another footsoldier used his Katana like a lightsabre, deflecting a pair of bullets meant for him, then leaped at Eleniya, with a slash clyarly intended to behead her.

Up on the Dragon throne, a pair of cleaning personel wer using blankets to smother the flames off the burning Child, even as Bong Sa’s charred corpse colapsed to the wooden floor, the last expression on it’s burnished face one of pure agony.

Eleniya ducked the sword slash, then pivoted with a side-kick at the guard’s sternum, sending him stumbling away, as lightning began to crackle betwen her finger-tips. She let loose a lightning bolt, chaining off several people, leaving some nasty burns on them and incapecitating one more guard, but then, one of the Monks grounded it in his palm, then sent a Ice beam directly at the berserking Agent.

Suddenly, a wave of intense frost penetrated evry cell of Eleniya’s body, even as the Bee insyde of her fought to counter it. A regular human being would have been turned into an icicle, right there. Eleniya was not, but she was slowd down, her arms shaking with frost, as her eyes blazed at the monks.

“N-no…” - she ground out, lifting both arms over her head to conjure a Inferno, both to warm herself up, and strike back at the monks. But she was too slow. Far… far too slow, as the second Monk followed up with his own Ice beam.

She colapsed off her feet, the frost effect turning her blood into ice. Yet still the Bee fought to keep her alive. But the two Monks continued piling magical energy attacks into her limp body, and the last thing Eleniya wuld see, was a tunnel, with a light at the end.

“Worth it… worth it… they… will never… USE me again…” - was her last coherent thoght, before life, and the Bee, left her frozen, batered body.

Dead? Or not? Who culd tell… her conciosness was now carryd by the Bee, batered but still alive, which flyed off, in the after-math. It wuld be hunted. But it would not be found easyli. Eleniya’s will was still bound to it. Wuld it be able to reincarnate her? Did it still have enough Anima left to do so? Or wuld it be trapped, and sent to the Hive?

Questions. Questions with-out answers. But one thing vas certain. The Dragon learned the lesson the hard way. Nobody. Thretens. Eleniya.

The End


This story moved me. Keep up the good work. Next kill that Templar Sonic.

Why shuld I? Sonnac never talked crap to me. In fact hes the only 1 of the handlers that treats the PC with respect.

This had me in stitches, but that Bong-Cha had it coming for kidnapping petulant middle-schoolers!

With a rear chokehold maybe?

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Kill him to get his chaos emeralds. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.

Thats what a Phoenician scumbag wuld do. Templars have honor! :slight_smile:

Literaly, Sonnac has never pissed me off. Plus, he’s a hunk (sligtly biased hehe).

So I take it YC is fine with being kidnapped and thretened, then? Good for you. Must be nice to be so passive.

Literaly I’ve come to a point vhere I’m having all-Templar cast of characters. Both other factions piss me off with there attitude, and MC’s passivity about it.

He is just very evasive. He says things about your character when you leave the room while he is chowing down on chilly dogs. Not cool.

Dont care. Long as I’m not around to hear it. XD

I’m Templar.

Firstly, if you’re so powerful you wouldn’t be kidnapped in the first place, would you? You vastly overestimate player character power level as well as underestimate faction capabilities. This whole thing just reeks of Mary Sueing. Real power does not require temper tantrums to support it.

All factions treat your character pretty much in line with their ideology, and since you as a player create a character there, it’s presumed you’re okay with it. I didn’t make characters in other factions because I’m not interested in being Geary’s doormat or some cog. The only way I’d make one of them is if I had an option to double agent. That would require the game to actually be RPG though.

I feel like Dragon in particular is a faction with the weakest writing, crutching super heavy on underwritten mysteries and ex machina contrivances. Their only saving grace is that the plot is unfinished as once it’s written out, they’d have to end up either clueless clowns or massively op, neither of which is good.

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Oh I agree vith your 2nd and 3rd point. They do treat the PC in line with there ideology. But the 1st point I dont agree vith. Power is there to be used. And sure, at the start, you may be a rookie, but by the time you get back from solomon island, you’r not. Vhich is where my short story is set. Simply put, Eleniya’s had enough of Dragon’s in general (and Bong Sa in particular) bulcrap, and acted on it. And why not? She’s immortal, the Bee will just fly away and reincarnate her again.

What I dont agree with is that passivity is a way to show power. No it isnt. In Iluminati story, your pretty much Geary’s doormat thruout. Even when you get so powerful you can basicly burn the Labyrinth down, they still treat you like crap, and send a - get this - assassin with a 9mil to kill you. That part had me in stitches. Vhat made me delete that char, was the fact that Geary got to “save” us from that. And the PC is taking that in stride? Why? There shuld be an option to rebel, or to strike back. I got a headcanon for that scene, of course (short-version, MC just incinerates the ‘assasin’, Geary and the flunkies outsyde, then escapes the Labyrinth).

Finaly I think both Iluminati and Dragon’s writing is as weak. Sure, the Lumies have more lore, but it’s all dumb. A chip in the spine of a person who can die and reincarnate at will? Riight. A corporate dog-eat-dog pyramid scheme going up against Eldritch and hell forces and the Dreamers? Some neurotic fake-tough chick as my handler (Geary)? They are not up to the task. I mean we see how wel it goes for Orochi (another corporate dog-eat-dog outfit), and they get wasted evrywhere we go. We (the PC) are basicly the only thing keeping the Lumies in the game at all, since we’r the only competent person there. And in return we take crap from them all the way? Either the PC has patience of a saint, or its just bad writing. At least with the Dragon, they do have some ACTUAL power on-display (those Monks are no joke, hence why Eleniya lost in the end).

I have absolutely no idea what gave you an impression that we’re particularly powerful by the end of NE storyline, after Tokyo maybe, and even there it’s a stretch.

I never equated passivity with power, but you confuse power with childish outbursts. On the point of various contrivances meant to interact with the point of your immortality - sure I can believe that if you can reincarnate endless there’s a way to tamper with the process. Orochi made artificial anima wells, and since there are strong hints that the world is at least somewhat digital (Gaia engines and all that) I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to tamper with reconstruction protocol. As for the 9m - it doesn’t phases you that we’re using 9m pistols or a hammer? Again confusing outwards appearances for what an item actually is.

What I do have the problem is MC being knocked out at pretty much the end of every act. Like it was funny the first time. It doesn’t get funnier down the line.

Let’s see… Surviving helicopter crashes, going up against Hell demons, succubi, incubi, Jinn and ancient Pharaohs, literally walking thru Hell, killing house-sized Crabzillas, Dreamer-beasts, Vampire lords, a Vampire Queen, werewolves, surviving Lilith cutting our legs off, going toe-to-toe with Phoenician top agent and beating her, killing a 100,000,000,000 zombies, cultists, and various other trash… but yea, your right. Anyone can do that. I mean, I walk down the street evry day and kill a Eldritch beast or two. I’m sure you do too, right?

I hope you apreciate the level of sarkazm. I almost fainted laughing at that statement. Our power level is - well, tbf, beyond most Marvel superheroes, given evrything we put to heel. But nooo, we’re ‘not particularily powerful’. ROFL

Obvius troll is obvius. And if that was a serius statement, then it’s even more hilarious.

But I absolutely agree with the 3rd point. I’m actually ok vith the first time - I’m assuming Cassie used some kind of top-tier spell to whisk us out of there, but the Egypt one is insulting. An Orochi flunkie sneaks up on us and riflebutts us? Riiight.

Tell you vhat I also got a problem with (on a litle tangent). Letting scumbags walk, thru-out the game. Ellis, Tanis, the Black Suit guy in Egypt, Adrian in Transilvana. Each of them shuld have been a killable option.

I appreciate level of grammar, it almost makes me faint. As for defeating thousands of zombies, putting aside videogamization, we don’t actually defeat any of the big bosses on our own, we have to get help to defeat Beaumont, Aten, Mara, Lilith we can’t even touch, and “various other trash” is never set up to be actually threatening. I mean just from the fact that they send you to Kingsmouth straight out of the gate tells you it’s not considered a particularly challenging mission.

As for “letting scumbags walk” well implementing player choice would require it to be an actual RPG. I do have an issue and to my knowledge there were heated arguments about it at the time of release with us straight up allowing Uta to straight up murder that japanese girl. Unlike the situation with the guy in the cabin (forgot his name) rescuing the girl, here you can’t actually headcanon it as “I knew he was going to save her”

I love it how you gloss over any of the other big bads we DO beat on our own. How about like evry single demon and Oni? Especialy named ones? Named vampires? How about evry Jinn? How about evry Draug Berserker (one of those tossed a van off a cliff, for reference, and took down a helicopter gunship),or Draug Lord? And ‘videogamization’ is no excuse. There are other games that do the PC more justice in cutscenes. Oh and I consider ‘various other trash’ to be way more threatening then HUMAN punks shoving a 9mm gun in PC’s face, in a cutscene, and geting away vith it for reasons beyond me. In PCs face, who is eating bullets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean, srsly, is a GUN suposed to be scary to someone who can toe-to-toe a fire-breathing Jinn? I don’t think so.

Whether or not Kingsmouth is considered or not a ‘challenging’ mission, we do face sizable baddies there. That the game doesnt see them as sizable, is the game’s problem, not mine. I just see them as they seem on screen. Big and dangerous. If they wanted to make Kingsmouth seem ‘not particularily chalenging’, they shuld have kept the baddies on small-scale level. They didn’t. There problem.

And again, i agree vith the 3rd point. For a game that sees itself as ‘shared world RPG’, there are very few real RPG choises to make. You’re railroaded on a passive path of least rezistance thru all cutscenes. To the point that I’m skipping a good amount of them, becauze they stretch my personal suspenzion of disbelief past breking point. And in the case of guy in Transilvania (Adrian), actively piss me off. Irl, I wuld have shoved that guy’s knife up his ass, after cuting his balls off, if he thretend that woman. His kind of pig is a very special breed that makes my knuckles itch. Hard. MC in game does zero.

Finaly, sorry about the grammar, but English is my 2nd langage. Deal with it.

I “toe-to-toe a fire-breathing Jinn” with a gun. And yeah, none of those enemies you mention are actually set up as particularly dangerous. To average humans maybe, but none of the main cast can really be qualified as average humans. If you see them as sizeable, it’s your problem, not the game’s.

And what would constitute “small scale”? You’d put dozens of hours fetching Geary’s coffee and doing a training montage at the Dojo? I don’t think so, you’d be the first complaining that “nothing happens in the plot”. Video games are already a suspension of disbelief power trip - you are given the level of power beyond that of a normal person at the get go, and then you complain it’s not enough.

A gun firing anima-charged ammo, powered by the PCs psyche. Unles you seriusly think PC fires regular rounds from that? Learn the lore (in fact it says so in the opening tutorial, weapons are just manifestations of PC’s will).

And thats my point. Jeez. They are dangerous to average humans. We get THRETENED by average humans in cutscenes, and do nothing. See my point now? Or are you just that thick? Or to take it to in-game terms, we get thretened by a trash with a pistol, and do nothing, after wiping out whole groups of trash with assault rifles or worse. Any more clyar now? To say nothing about magic.

And don’t patronize me. You know full wel vhat I ment with small scale. Zombies, footsoldier draug, etc. No epic-sized monsters, in a opening area. But I see your determined to twist my meaning how you see fit. Not gonna work. I’m fine vith suspension of disbelief. Up to a POINT. MC doing nothing against average humans thretening them, is past that point.

And yea, that is the GAME’s problem, not mine. But I guess some ppl are just too thick to see that.

Hey I might be clinically restarded but at least I’m not a templar. :nerd_face: