Pet damage is completly a JOKE

So i was happy to come back to conan after 3 years of non playing. I played already roughly 2 weeks non stop and i tested many new things, Everything was “fine”, till i wanted to test the sabertooth and pet damage. I leveled up my saber full dmg, with the meat, even gave him some pots on SP, config for Official btw, and i went to a random darfari camp (to check), and for my dissapointing surprise the dumbass big cat cant even oneshot a darfari with 120 hp and no armor (it does less than 100 hp on a hit? LMAO).
The thing is, i understand a lot of pvp players who cry and cry about followers and so, yea isnt fair a saber jumps and oneshots u, i agree with that,either a thrall hits u and ur dead too, i agree with all of that.
But u cant pretend to play a game wich has creatures and npcs just to “1vs1” real player vs real player. Ill put a quick example : U join ARK, or whatever game what has pets/followers and u pretend to just PVP not using the game tools. I wouldnt fight on a dinosaur world with ur ■■■■■■■ weapons? Then go to call of duty, go to i dont know, whatever game that is just player vs player without follower.
My intention is that u need to BALANCE the thralls and pets, isnt normal a sabertooth tiger does that ■■■■■■ damage and a thrall oneshots a boss with 10 hits.
Yea the NPC has a weapon and armor, diff stats, but PVP is ruining this game so far, with a lot of cry babys crying cause a saber knocked them off, now u have a meta of rolling rolling rolling rolling like crazy and u can evade them since they have no accuracy at all (they miss more than a new player miss on pvp is gross). The AI on this game is dumb asf and sad, would be nice if they make it work better but atleast it as SENSE, dumb things been dumb things is something i can deal with.
But doing what FUNCOM is doing is just kicking out game tools such as heavy armor (totally usseles for pvp since i play this game) pets (dead since who knows) and many other things.
It supposed to be a game that u fight proper with ALL the tools you have. Now im stuck on rolling light armor killing fellas like im on a old version of tekken. This isnt a survival game itself, is just a combination of call of duty medieval and farm simulator. Please FUNCOM, i know isnt easy to fix stuff, but you guys took the nerfs / balances too way bad.


Maybe this is where we should switch to UE5 for the improved AI hooks?


I can deal with a usseles AI, but atleast when the AI works it can do damage. Now when the AI works (besides ofc NPC) it does a 0.00001% of the dmg, is just pathetic xD


Okay. There were tweeks done in that sense under UE4. Of course, Funcom said no to UE5 on CE… probably because they are using UE5 for Dune.

My toon still switches to fists even though I put epic and legendary weapons on hand. (I know… but pet damage).

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I play ark for longer than 3 years also. I know why the mess comes from. Its cause they dont use UE5. If they were able to use UE5 … a lot of problems would end just there. But well, they dont care about their game i suppose.

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ARK makes nomads out of everybody. It’s for kids.

As for CE, I do find them devs attentive to players needs. People pressure the devs for results, but the pressure just makes them develop some other aspect.

Animal thralls have never been useful. Not sure if they’re just mean to look good, carry things, or disposable thralls but this has always been the case.

Animals and thralls would be easy to fix. All they need is a paramenter that limits the damage done to players. Also animations could be fixed so a player for example doesn´t get stun logged or knocked down all the time. They could even go so far to make it a % chance in regards to the players armor or give the player a potion which lowers chance of knockdown or stagger in combat against other players.

While this would only affect animals/npc vs players your companions could still do much higher damage to wildlife, npc´s and bosses.

I never understood why Funcom has never implemented this. Its not that hard to code and would benefit the game greatly. Animals could be equaly good as thralls and that is something people always asked for.

Its a very wrong development decission to downgrade animals an thralls to desposible waiste. A lot of people have a strong emotional connection to their companions or are collectors. They spend a hugh amount of time in the game with them. Funcom should not disrespects people fondness for them.


I couldnt be more agree, i cant understand why Funcom doesnt want to fix their game proper, i spend so much time on Official with my NPC that i really care if they die or not. The thralls cause the pets now i really dont give a f… since they die no matter what without any way to save them, no hp no armor no damage, the pets are even worse than any other thing in the game by far. I dont understand why they dont remove them then, is just waste of space to have them like this…

3 years ago a good saber well trained could oneshot a pvp light armor player by far, just sending it to the player, that isnt fair either, but atleast the saber was worth for something, now the problem is that they dont do ANY dmg, plus no tankyness. Its like having a dumbass toy who cant even work itself…


I belive FunCom does exactly the opposite of what players ask them, cause the issue with the Pets has been long long time, Before were too broken, then became too usseles that is better to remove them from the game at this point. They need to stop waste their time on things that nobody asked and start to work on the thing community has been asking for years… In my opinion, as a costumer, i feel insulted by them.


If they switch to UE5 it will eliminate half of the player base and they would bankrupt just like ARK. Most Conan players cannot play on UE5. I disagree. This game was created on UE4 and always ran very smoothly. That was one of the compliments I gave this game for years and years. Why all of a sudden does it not function on UE4? Stop adding content and fix the game. Shouldn’t have dropped siptah into the files without warning everyone.

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Idk if is UE5 the issue, i just see the game on a really bad stage… Half of the content it offers is usseles in pvp, and to be honest, pve is the most boring thing without mods. The followers need a huge update, not only about damage, the entire followers need to be usefull at some way. Also the armors, i never understood why u cant use a variety of heavy medium light armor, just light always, those things make the game poorer…

UE4 or UE5 is not the fundamental issue.
Plenty of UE4 games had good AI (at the very least, tremendously better than what we have in Conan)

Is UE5 more versatile, powerful, with more capabilities? Yes.
Can proper results still be achieved in UE4? Yes.
If you transpose the incompetent AI coding from UE4 to UE5, will it be better? No :theworst:


Sabertooths where nerfed to the floor because exactly as you state PVP.

But that was its powerful 1st attack. They could have simply moved the attack pattern to a strong attack on 2nd or 3rd. And nooone would be one shotted. Cause it was mostly this suprise moment that got the most.

But I agree, I’m back and like sorcery and all but some weights are an issue pouches to heavy.

I’m leveling a greater wolf now because the skill cripple. But HP wise its a joke, and dmg too if you take the time its missing attacks and it’s attack pattern.

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Once you know a pet’s (NPC’s) move set, you’ll can easily dodge it. That’s the real issue I get when playing with others.

There is some stuff they must change asap, cause has been a long time with the same dumb issues that has easy solutions… More for pvp

How does a thrall one-shot a boss with 10 hits?


You drop the zero from that number. :rofl:

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I don’t remember which Dev stream it was. (sorry)

But I think it was around a year and a half to two years ago, they went into some detail about why it was not possible to port over to UE5

Something about the version of UE4 they used for Conan they did some special coding that can’t be carried over.

They said they would literally have to rewrite the entire game to switch to UE5

If you want to see for yourself I’m sure YT probably still has them.

Sorry I can’t explain it better.

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