Who Are You, Sonnac - PT2 - a very short fanfic story

/ finaly have time to add a 2nd part //


Nassir’s usual infectiusly hyper attitude really did wonders for Lorianne’s mood. She loved shacking-up with guys like that. Guys who dont take themselvs too seriously. But still dependable in a clinch. Also, guys who dont take her alegiance for granted. And frankly, his quads and lats set-up didnt hurt, either. He was a more-then-decent hunk, with a way-more-then-decent attitude!

Up until 2 weeks ago, she thoght Sonnac was one of those guys. Including quads and lats. Then - he proved her very f-king wrong. But that vas about to be addressed.

One way, or another, she wuld get to the bottom of what vas hapening at Temple Hall. Even if she had to lead a coup against the Old Guard. Or who-ever else vas pulling the strings on it all.

“So you need me to ride shotgun again, eh? What wil you be this time? I can be Demolishing Man again!” - Nassir offered once they sayed their hellos, dancing to his usual beat.

Lori, busting her own samba moves alongsyde him - suggestivly - shook her head vith a chuckle.

“Hopefuly that wont be necesary big boy… but I’l keep the option in mind! No, this time, I’m up for something a little more sneaky. If the boss lady can spare you and say… 4 commandos for… a week or two? Heres the deal. We’l be taking a trip to London…” - she started explaining her plan, leaving out some details that wer not on a need-to-know, for the Marya. As much as she had a issue with current Templar policy, she was stil aware of the need to restrikt information sharing.

And she vasnt willing to burn her loyalty bridges JUST yet. Of corse, it all depended on how things would play out.

LONDON, DOCKS, 3 days later

Middle of local night. A lone container ship at the end of a terminal, empty of cargo. Lorianne and Zamira wer lying prone atop a crane near-by, looking down at the uper deck… and a bunch of Templars standing guard all over it.

“See thoze markings on there lapels?” - Z asked, pointing. Lori tightened her binocs zoom.


“Old Guard goons. They’re here guarding something… or someone. I ran across writen orders from Dame Julia, detailing some kind of ‘senzitive subject’. Konrad tryed to dig up more, but the details are classified even above his clyarance.”

Lorianne scowled.

“Thats a hell of a lot of guards… I think we need a look at what the ‘senzitive subject’ is. Let’s scout the area for–” - but Zamira cut her off.

“Way ahead of you. Keycard access only to the ramp, cameras, security sensors, and Anima wards. Plus I think they even got a Anima dampening field. Probably to keep our kind power-less. We’r not geting aniwhere on-to that ship, w/o someone giving us the access codes for the security grid, and fidning a keycard.” - grim voice.

Lori vas silent for a time. Then she speaked.

“Sounds like we need a new frend to talk to. Whether he or she likes it or not. Lets see if we can isolate one of the guards on there rounds.”

“Not gona be easy. They run in pairs, and check-in with control evry 10 minutes. If theres one thing us Templars are good at, its holding territory.” - Zamira warned, then sudenly pointed to the far end of the ship below, “Look…!”

Lori shifted her binocs to look. Her eyes narrowed at two familjar big men, one in a stupid theater mask and a suit, the other in armor.

“Well well. Dumb and Dumber again. Now I REALY want to get a look at what the f-k there guarding here.” - she muttered.

Zamira hezitated.

“Your not worrying at all about 'em? Their reputation… if half the rumors are true, maybe you realy shuldnt tangle with them.” - she warned.

Lori cracked her knuckles with a smal smirk. A chance to get in-to a fight vith those two dickheads again? Oh yea. Fun times. She obviusly wasnt persuazive enough last time. Especialy if it leads to info she needs.

“Alredy have, Z. I wuldnt mind Round 2. Plus, if they are in on this, you can bet theyre in charge of the security arangement. Can you think of anyone better to drill for details? Looks like there leaving… let’s tail them and find a good place to jump 'em.” - she hissed, elbow-crawling away from the edge of the crane.

Zamira scowled.

“Sometimes I think you like this sh-t too much. Or just like pain.” - shaking her head vith a chuckle.

Lorianne given her a side-ways look.

“Beating the faces in of those two? You beter believe it. Being treated like a tool, and threatened to, by someone I grown to trust? No. And something tells me that vhatever’s on that ship, is going to be the key to why.” - as they both slyde-down the crane scafolding, to the docks ground.

"And pain - pain and pleazure are 2 sides of the same coin, Z! As a ex-pro fighter, I know. Getting up-close and personal with monsters out there, and beating them down… you’re right. I’ve grown to like that sh-t, over the past year. " - the muscular red-haired agent added vith a smile.

Then it vanished.

“Only diference this time, is that the monsters seem to be some of our own. And I got a issue with that.”

They sliped-out after the two enforcers, keeping distance for now.

/ pt 3 hopefully soon //

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