Who Are You, Sonnac - PT4 - a very short fanfic story

About half a hour later…

“Youre not much of proper lady, are you? You make my boss back home look tame!” - Nassir smirked, giving her ‘that’ look, as Lorianne related vhat the two Old Guard enforcers told her, about the security setup, and vhat kind of persuazion it took to break them.

The agent rolled her eyes, with a small chuckle.

“Oh I am. When I’m dealing with gentleman. Like you, Nassir! When I’m dealing with thug pieces of sh-t, I am what I need to be. But I didnt kill them. Happy?” - she added sarcasticly, as she glanced at Zamira.

“Thriled, Lori. Though I supose crippling them isn’t too far down the line. So… this is the backup you sayed you’d bring in from Egypt, eh?” - the other woman speaked-up, looking over Nassir, and the four Marya commandos, that joined them on the docks.

She liked what she saw.

“They look like they’ve seen alot of action. Supernatural action.”

Nassir laughed, clapping her on the shoulder.

“We are the Marya, young warriors of the old land! And deserts of Egypt are full of bad monsters to fight. Natural and supernatural! So… who will you be? I am Demolishing Man! She is Rocky Bilbo! And you… amm… you are… hmm…” - before Zamira jumped in.

“I’m Zamira, thank you. You sure about this guy?” - she asked Lori, stepping a litle away from Nassir, clyarly not in-to his antics.

Lorianne smirked.

“Buzzkiller. But yea, he’s the real deal.”

Here, Nassir nodded.

“Yes, thats who she can be! That one character in movies, who is a stick-in-the-ass and don’t get the jokes!” - this got him a ‘look’ from Zamira.

“Charming… Anyway Lori, I’ll let you dole out there assignments. Now that we got the keycards, I’ll get myself in pozition near the crane.” - the woman rolled her eyes, walking off. Nassir looked a litle disapointed.

“What is her problem?” - he asked, suprised at the cold shoulder.

Lorianne shruged, waving it off. “Dont worry, nothing a pint at the Horned God wuldnt fix. My guess, this whole thing got her a little too far out of her comfort-zone alredy. She, ah… let’s say she sees the world in black and white, vhen it comes to Templars on one side, and evryone else on the other. And I supose me breaking the sh-t out of a couple lately under ‘enhanced’ interogation, didnt really sit in-to that perception. Thing is - I’ve come to realyze that the Templars have sides, too. And I dont think she fully akcepted that yet.” - glancing after the departing woman.

Nassir looked thoghtful.

“In the Marya, we do not have luxury of such in-flexibly mindsets. If we did, we wuld have never akcepted your help, back then! And if we did that, the Aten cult wuld have taken all of Egypt. We had traitors in our ranks. People who allowed the cultists to advance as much as they did. You dealed with one yourself, back in Al Merayah. We had to weed them out before we culd fight the enemy properly.”

Lorianne nodded.

“Point. But in her defense, she hasnt been on the reciving end of Templar in-fighting like I have lately. She’s solid and her hearts in the right place, just needs to take her rose-tinted glasses off, when it comes to shades of grey in life. Aniway, heres what you do…” - she started giving Nassir and the four Marya there assignments.

Fiften minutes later, a series of small explozions sounded from the far side of the docks, in one of the ware-houses, which housed the anima-dampening field generator, intel they got from Pit and Pendulum. A diverzion by Nassir and his crew, do draw a good number of Templar soldiers on guard duty away.

“Ok, Z… do it!” - Lorianne sayed into her headset, a minute later, as she watched a dozen guards rush off toward the source of the commotion.

Moments later, the crane slowly started swinging around, picking up a container, vhich Lori jumped down atop of. Letting the crane carry it, and her, on-to the ship, past the outer layer of security, as it depozited the container, on the deck.

Lori hopped down, and quickly in-capacitated a Templar guard near-by, who came to take a look. Non-lethaly. For the time being.

“I’m in.” - she reported to Zamira, then started looking for a in-conspicus way to get below decks, looking for a keycard slot to shut down the outer security layer, to let Zamira in, too.

Just then, her phone buzzed. Lori taken a look.

(You are playing a very dangerus game, Dame Lorianne. Stay off of that ship. J.)

She scowled, typing back…

(No. I am just taking up the dangerous game you started that day I got back from Tokyo, to see your two butt-boys beating up Sonnac. I dont take wel to threats, Dame Julia. And I want to know what happened to Richard to change him so much. I’l find out, one way or another. L.)

Hitting Send, she then shut the phone down. If the Old Guard wanted a war, they’l get it. But she was in it too deep now to back out. Even if she wanted to.

//PT 5 some-times soon hopefully //

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