Picking Up The Pices PT1

// When all’s sayed and done… the Templars do figure they lost there BEST agent, due to there arrogance. So its apology-time. Mixed-in with there pride and blackmail, ofc. //


One day, Lori, just in her red lace bikini and shades, fitting ever-so-tightly over her powerful ripped frame, was working on her tan, up on the balcony of her place. A penthouse suite of hotel Wahid, oiled up, massaged by a pair of hotel staff, ever-so-grateful that they didn’t turn into Ghoul-chow, back in the day, the former Templar agent was content to marinate slowly in the lovely sun, sipping martinis with Said, overlooking the once-agen peaceful desert. Her blade vas resting in its scabbard, near-by.

“You know, I’v come to love this place. Its got something… magical about it. You told me once, how Egypt tends to grow on a person. Your right. I can see my-self spending a few milenia here, like you have… asuming I ever get undead!” - she smiled under her shades, at the white-suited mummy sitting near-by, as usual working on some business-deal or other on his phone.

“And now that all the Filth, cultist freaks and other assorted trash…” - she pauzed there, thinking of Tanis and her Phoenician contacts that she did a full clean-up op on, “…are gone, you know vhat? I cant think of a better vacation spot!”

The ancient mummy looked at her under his own shades, vith a knowing smirk.

“Not to mention your new… profitable… vorking relationship vith the Marya, and my Kingdom?” - he asked in that sligtly-sarcastic upclass akcent of his, that for some reazon Lorianne thoght fit him really wel.

“NOT to mention that, Said. Discretion and all that…” - she hissed play-fuly, as one of the servants applyed a fresh coat of suntan on her.

“Mmmm good… rub it in nicely, stud.” - she purred at the man, not missing the sligt bulge in his pants. He given her a smile, keeping his gaze up-ward of her neckline and off her cleavage… barely.

Said chuckled.

“And we also seem to have a comon preferance for finer things in life… or death, as is my case.”

Lori perched on her elbow, giving him a ‘that’ look.

“After spending over a year slogging thru all the Filthy crevaces all over the Earth, and below the Earth, and in Agartha, fighting evry possible kind of disgusting thing imagineble, dealing vith mad sorcerers, corporate idiots, Nephilim b**ches who cut my legs off, Phoenician scumbags, vampire emo-types, and undead hordes - no ofence - after dealing vith dis-respectful atitudes from my former bosses, and them taking me for granted, after barely geting away with my life… I want ALL the perks, in-between contracts these days! The world owes me, for saving it…” - she grinned, flexing… very… very… slowly, like a cat on a porch, biting her lip softly in pure bliss.

“Plus I STIL didnt work all the damp out of my system, spending so long in London! If I never see another soggy rain-soaked morning agen in my life, it wil be TOO soon!”

Said looked thoghtful at this.

“London… its been a couple of months now, since your… none-too-subtle exit. And the mess left behind… arent you suprised nobody come calling yet? Yes, you have surounded yorself with allies here - but I cannot imagine any organisation as vain as the Templars, just leting it go like this. Its not in there nature. They have too much pride to akcept defeat.”

Lori’s grin faded as she leaned back agen, thinking. Thoughts of the Templars… and Sonnac’s… shift in atitude towards her… always tended to ruin her mood, on any given day. To think that all his friendship turned out to be… vas a mask, and that he saw her as nothing more then a tool… it still HURT. It still maked her angry. It vas like a needle right thru her heart. Part of her wanted to kill him. Part of her wanted a explanation, that he didnt give her vhen they last talked.

She vas never the type to subscribe to the ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ bullsh*t, frankly it was petty and stupid… but she DID get to like him. A lot. For over a year, he vas the stead-fast voice of reassurance and comfort, in her earpiece, on her harowing missions. As far as handlers went… he was perfect.

No. His ACT was perfect - she reminded her-self sternly. Fists clenching almost on reflex.

“I dont wana talk about it.” - she growled out-loud, “I stil havent decided what I am going to do about it yet. You culd say I’m in the… denial… phaze. Maybe they are, too. Maybe its just wish-ful thinking on my part, but maybe someone there’s realized how crappy they treated me towards the end. Maybe Sonnac did…” - she trailed-of.

Said shaked his head, his atention back on his phone screen.

“Wuldn’t bet on it. People like that… they never, EVER assume they are in the wrong. In there minds, there way is the only way. Speaking from expirience. I used to BE one of the… people… like that. Until I learned to take a long view of things.” - the desicated mummy murmured.

Lori’s comeback vas cut off, by a sudden buzzing of her own phone. She perked-up on her elbow agen, reaching out to grab it.

“Must be Nassir… probably somethings come up agen…” - she mutered, looking at the screen.

But no. The call-header vas unmistakable, before even answering it. rsonnac.templar.org

Lorianne’s eyes narowed to slits, under her shades. The fact he didnt even bother encrypting it as usual… o-k. What game vas he playing now? If after TWO F-KING MONTHS this vas some pathetic atempt at apology… the woman shaked her head sligtly to herself. Or maybe just a atempt to trace her - not that they had to bother, she didnt exacly make it a secret where she vas, and she used her phone kuite a bit, over the past 2 months.

“Speak of the devil… think I’l take this in private, S. Keep the chair warm for me!” - she throwed over her sholder, already walking off the balcony.

//PT 2… sometime soon //