The Kumiho Hotel (Open RP)

(open to everyone)

If time passed in a normal way anymore, Lili-si did not know. While being told to remain out of the limelight. She had found herself spending a lot of time in Kumiho Hotel, listening to the karaoke and having intense discussions with Jin Jae-Hoon on inevitability and chaos in general. Honestly, the place was as much a home as anywhere else now, since it is where it had all began, where her life had changed so fundamentally.

Following butterflies, it was amazing to think what she had done. Sirad had been normal female just living from paychecks. Now here she was without any clear definition of time wondering what came next? To think an explosion so far away warped her reality so completely.

The Hotel was busier, rumours were there was a convention in town.


Vigtor Palmer, a man just above average height and dressed in a fine green suit walked into the hotel. In fact, green was a common theme with this man. Although he had obviously black hair, the tips of his many spikes were neon green. His very appearance seemed the epitome of chaos; a green suit made from qivuit wool, a deep grey button-down and a gilded tie with small dots of royal blue, yellow slip-on shoes… and then one saw his face and would often be surprised by his black muttonchops and his strangely shaded blue eyes.

Even after coming in from the constantly pouring rain, Vigtor appeared to be perfectly dry, though if one had been watching him as he walked in, they would see the aura of steam wafting about him. He adjusted his sleeves and his tie as he approached the counter. He checked in for his reservation and asked for a bourbon neat. His lips twitched to the right as he examined the room. Unlike most, he was not here for the convention. However, he thought, gazing about the advertisement posters, it might be a pleasant distraction until he met with his coven. Most of them would not be in town for another day or two. He took his glass over to one of the couches by the window, maintaining his sight upon the karaoke stage. He nursed the liquor and drank in his surroundings. How long had it been since he had been in Seoul…? He fell into the rabbithole of his own thoughts.

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Noting someone who appeared definitely not part of the proceedings, she approached over. Sirad or Lili-si as they called her, had short white hair almost in a bowl cut, beautiful dazzling green eyes, and soft feminine features that seemed to appraise much of her surroundings.

Noting they were likely another Dragon she sat herself down and began to talk, “You ever think of that moment when your life got turned so irreversibly upside down… that moment we learned which was caused by an event so far off… and now here we are in some unknown district of Seoul with no entrance or exit from what we can see…” it was a forward question but she wanted a deep discussion if she could from this person, “Are we masters of our fate or merely just a toy for whatever cats pull our strings? This… the Swarm, our change in Handlers, who are we serving and why? We may get power but we were forced into something that was never explained. Does that not disturb you or even bother you?” admittedly she had been holding back questions on this for so very long.

Vigtor looked up from his phone as the woman approached and when she began talking, he looked behind him, having momentarily forgotten he was against a wall. He sighed and endured her barrage of questions, taking small sips of his bourbon in one hand and idly tapping and swiping his phone in another.

She was correct; the monks had a bad habit of abducting the new-Bees (pause for laughter). And yet-- Vigtor was silent for a long moment after she finished her inquisitional assault. Partly to make sure she was done and partly giving her questions some real thought.

Vigtor’s voice had a faint trace of an Eastern European accent, though it seemed so diluted, one was left to wonder. The man’s voice carried age, making it raspy at times, but his voice also had a deep harmony to it, like voices carrying out from a cavern entrance. "I don’t believe there is a simple answer or explanation for any of those queries. To address the first; I believe every man and woman, regardless of whether or not they are ‘special,’ fights to control their fate every day. We do the same, only we are far more aware of the chains that bind us. Life is a give and take of submission and dominance, heartbreak and joy… we are always surrounded by forces that can twist our fate and yet we continue to fight. The beautiful tension of unwavering forces and unstoppable objects.

“Now, as for the abrupt change of the director in our little play… I believe we had people within our own faction who helped get him there. Who are we serving and why…?”

He paused at this and took another sip of his drink. “That’s an incredibly complex question and an even more complicated answer. We serve… chaos. The small event that spirals into something greater. As to the why… I have long decided that the ‘why’ rarely matters.”

He drained his glass and as he gazed into it, as one might a crystal ball, sparks leapt from his fingers. In another moment, the glass appeared on the counter for the proprietor to wash it. “Everyone is inevitably pushed into something they do not understand and dislike. I have long ago made my decision as to whom I follow, but you are correct; not everyone seems to get that choice. I suppose, when it comes down to it, that one needs to ask themselves: what do I want and what will I do to get it? You see, my dear, from this moment forward, what you do is entirely up to you. But you must understand: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That, one does not even need to know how to read the models to know. Every action you take has a consequence. Let me ask you this: if you could do anything you wanted in the world, what would it be?”