(mod) Lightweight proximity based Party interface

Here’s a new one for you

What it does is displays the first 5 guild members / thralls around the player in a minimalistic Party style interface.
It’s still just a quickly thrown together early version so probably needs some polishing

Here’s an example screenshot with the other mods I have loaded.
Basically the idea was to see the health of my followers / clan members when I go out adventuring without having to constantly look at them and to not require any additional messing around when they go out of range and back etc.

So far these are the options :joy: Like I said… basic… this might grow over time (for example I might make the range a setting as it’s currently a very generous 50m)



I had a feeling you were going to put something like this sooner or later. Outstanding.

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You did? :slight_smile: hehe

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Alright, polished it up a bit

added some more settings as well


Should be good for now, will probably pretty it up some more at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did another update to color human players blue so that you can distinguish them easier :slight_smile:
Also bumped up the potential maximum entries to 10

Neyna on Steam shared a nice screenshot with multiple players in range so here’s how it looks with the new colors (players automatically get sorted at the top)

Very nice work;
Too bad I don’t play on a PC (I have two left hands) to be able to take advantage of the mods, especially yours.
Those in the mini card room in particular.
Small question, I see that on the screenshot some npc names are in French, would you be a compatriot?
continued to support the community on this forum and via your mods, thank you for what you do.
Have a good evening

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Thanks :slight_smile:

And no, the picture is not from my game, a user of the mod posted it on its workshop page as I was asking about how the new blue bars look with multiple players

Further bumped the max limit up to 15 the other day :smiley: and also the range by another 1000
it still fits even with the max amount on a regular 1080p screen

Recently I got to play a bit more with this and I found that I’m actually starting to rely on it more and more when it comes to running around like a headless chicken at level 13 cuz me and my follower upset the locals in Sepermeru and half of them are chasing me while the other half are busy stabbing my thrall. I don’t have to constantly find the thrall and look at him to be sure he’s not dying :smiley: