[Mod] Tablet Computer Interface

Version Update History

Screenshot from “Foulfellow and Gideon” mission (spoilers hidden)

“Overview” button’s information overlay screen

  • Updates Include:
    • Moved “Close” button location(s)
      • tablet’s “Home” button
      • tablet’s “Power” button
    • Added tablet’s “Overview” soft-button
      • highlights locations of Close/Quit buttons
    • Re-added default scrolling arrows
    • Re-added default input text
    • Layers swapped depths
      • input text
      • text area

  • Updates Include:
    • Removed scrolling arrows
    • Removed default input text
    • Reset fonts to default size of 12
    • Changed paragraph format to Justified
    • Added subtle glow to fonts
    • Added version imprint to the AEGIS chip slot near the lower right corner

Download & Installation Instructions

  1. Download:

  2. Install unzipped SWF file here:

    • SWL: Secret World Legends\Data\GUI\Custom\Flash
    • TSW: The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash

Update published! Screenshot and links in original post have changed to current version. Please update if you downloaded the initial release.

TCI is now available from Curse Forge, post has been updated with the new download link.

Tablet Computer Interface v0.03 is up!

Please update your file if you’re using any other version of this mod! Update details have been edited into the original post.

Update: CurseForge approved the update and the link has been restored to original post.

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Hey, we got over 300 downloads now! That’s neat. Thanks for checking it out, and I hope it’s serving you all well in your adventures. <3