Modded RP/PVE Server on West coast

I have a modded server that I have been playing on by myself for now (waiting on a couple of my friends to buy the game). I want to get a few people on it to give it a little life. We aren’t really in to PVP so none of that is enabled as of right now.

If you just want a chill place to play the game with some mods and INCREASED harvest rate let me know.

I never spawn things in or use other admin functions. If there was bug and you loose something really valuable maybe we can come up with something.

I rent the server on a yearly basis (been with the same server host for 3 yrs), I just change the game every once in a while, but I don’t plan on changing games any time soon.

The harvest rate is 10x because 1 guy harvesting all the mats takes forever and I’m not super hardcore.

The mods installed are:

Regrowable Seeds
Planter & Compost guides and pickup
Wood Chips - Don’t Smoke with Bark
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Send me a message on here or preferable on steam “CHRONICCHAOS84”.