Mods and RAM usage in Singleplayer

I have a question regarding mods and RAM usage of the game. If I install several “big” mods that add lots of building stuff, will this increase the RAM usage even if I don’t use the items in the game?

Like, for example: I want to use Emberlight because there are a few building pieces that I really love and would like to use, though the rest of the mod does not have much use for me. Since I already have Savage Steel, Shadows of Skelos and Exiled Land Placeables installed I fear that the game might be using too much RAM (I only have 8 GB RAM available and it’s already at ~7 GB used if I have the game running) and crash more often but I am not sure how the RAM usage is “calculated”. So, does the game use more RAM even if I only install the mods and don’t even use the items of it or does it only use more RAM if I actually build stuff and place lots of decorations?

I had the same feeling at first but I remember when I heavily nodded Fallout 4 I had to look out for the RAM usage since there it seems like mods always contribute to it whether you use it or not. Though the unreal engine might work different.

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