Mod Problems on my PC

Hello !! I am having problems with my Conan Exciles PVE single player game, the thing is that if i instal more than 5 mods the game crashes and before the updates that has come i could have upto 8 mods on my single player game.
Any sugestions to how to get it stable again cause i have checked all the mods i have and they are all updated to the newest build. So it’s not the mods that are the problem and my PC can run Skyrim Special Edition with over 300 mods heavy mods and still get around 60fps. and without crashing.

Yes I have and the game works fine without the mods, the thing is that i have tried one mod at a time to try to find out wich one is not working, and they all work fine until i add more than 5 or 6 mods after that the game crashes.

You’ll just have to find out which is causing the conflict through the process of trial and error. I’m playing a modded single player game with about 17 mods. So whatever is going on, its with your system. So what mods are you running?

Can you post your modlist here?

Sure I will get the list and post it

These are the ones i am using now cause if i add more the game crashes

@Antlers68 The mod Immerse RP Building Decor isn’t updated with the current gamebuild. The Modder don’t supports this mod anymore and abondened it. There exists a fix by another Modder but also this fix is not reliable.
With the next gameupdate you won’t need the Mod Drags Thralls in water anymore. This function will then be part of the maingame.
Always be careful with stackmods because these mods will make an update necessary with every new gamebuild.
I bet if you abondon immersive rp you will be able to use more mods again. You should deabonate the mod in the workshop. It has to be totally deleted.

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What mods would you recomend i use?

There are two mods that come to mind immediately.

  1. Exiled Lands Improved. Lots of fixes to the original game, new hairstyles, new armors, new animations,… there’s alot going for it.
  2. Less Building Placement Restrictions (great for base building).

It depends on your playstyle and interests. Are you interested in Building?

Drag Thralls through water mod won’t be needed soon. A similiar feature is being added to the official game and it’s on testlive now.

I love building, and exploring, most of the time i play solo, and together with friends on my single player co-op game. Me and my friends are not a big fans of pvp so PVE is what we go for cause we like to work together as a team to take down bosses, survive purges and explore the map.

Must haves for Building:

  1. Glasconstructions and more (currently the only Mod which adds a lot of totally new building pieces to the game and of course also new designs of existing building pieces like other mods) I.e. Archways, round windows and doors, bridges, and much more. In his next update the Modder will integrate rounded building pieces to build round towers.
  2. Less Buildings placement restrictions Overlaps Edition (This mod removes the Restrictions to build. You will be able to overlap building pieces which increases the possibilities for building massively)
  3. Lemurian Architect (adds a T4 Design of Lemurian building pieces to the game - a mod for someone who wants to show his might and richness)
  4. Stygian Building Set (This Mod adds the style of the Stygian buildings of Sepermeru to the game and also comes with a building set for waterbassins)
    Of course there are a lot more building mods. Feel free to try.
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Any carrying and lvling mod you recommend?

Yep, as everyone has already said, effectively only use mods that are updated regularly. If the mod author stops updating, a Patch can make the mod needing to be removed. Anything based on that mod will then disappear. Not good if your whole base uses mod-foundations :wink:

Our server works with the following (in load order) - I have made the really great ones bold:
LitMan Weight
LitMan Thrall …
LitMan Level One Fifty Six
LitMan Item Stack…
LitMan Loot Legendary…
LitMan Durability
Glass Constructions…
Savage Steel
Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camps

In my opinion, PIPPI should be loaded on ALL servers. It is key for any Admin. FunCom tried to get the mod author to join FunCom, but that was not possible. To my knowledge, FunCom keeps in contact with @Joshtech and incorporates some PIPPI concepts into the core game.

NOTE: the number of the mods will increase loading time and can make the server stress out a little. Make sure the private server reboots daily (usually overnight)

Thx alot for help, i will check them out i have used LitMan before

Thank you everyone for all the help i am going to test these mods one at a time to see how the game reacts. If i have any more issues i’ll post it here.

Hello @Grymm!!
I am using the mods you sugested and some of @TwoJay’s sugestions and everrythinng is working fine!!!
Thanks again to everyone for all the help



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