Mods list while in game

A command that can show active mods (and their order) that are being used on the map/server, from in game.
This could be useful for Co-op if mods are frequently being changed.

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The new map autoloader is going to fix this… granted it wont show in game but it will show up on the server selection. Check out testlive.

ah yeah that can be helpful, but my suggestion is for in game.

I have had times that I couldn’t remember what mods I had active on my single player map, and to have a friend co-op over, I had to log out, check the mods, then log back in again. Would have been helpful to be able to be able to access some sort of list of active mods while within the game, whether its a text command, or part of the overhead interface.

Just hit ALT-ESC or >Windows key to go to windows, click on the Steam icon and open workshop and click on ‘Your Files’.

No need to exit game.

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Alt tab, navigate to steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods and open modlist.txt

That should give you a list that way too. Or create a collection on Steam and access it that way. Or see what you are currently subscribed to. Lots of current options.

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Thank you much!

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