More Dye Option

are we eventually gonna be able to dye weapon and shield?


Im down for some pink lovetap action

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… >.> … <.< …
I too am down for some of that! xD

I would also like some purple daggers of stabby stabby bleedy bleedy please Funcom =D !!!

This is among the most wanted features, but unless they already from start have prepared all weapons and shields for possible future dyeing, I fear this will never happen since it would likely mean they would have to rework every single weapon and shield in the game, but we can always hope :slight_smile:
Btw I am a sucker for golden and black weapons :star_struck:

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before making new colors is it possible to make the existing color work on all clothes.
When I use the new Blood red on the blue parts of the Argosian heavy armor, it works perfectly. When I use the classical red (made with “cochenilias”) the blue color became not a red but a sort of “greyish chocolate brown”. On the Aquilonian heavy I can switch to dark blue to red without any issue. Of course, everything is done in the same condition (armor+ cloth inside inventory, everything under inventory, no link with a bench etc…)


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