More Thrall Misbehavior

Gotta get close enough to pull agro to use attack command.

Gotta keep proximity on npcs or they do not take damage whilst your thrall will take damage.

Sabertooth cats dont face the direction they are trying to attack, so they do no damage.

Thralls lag so badly they often get into a 3rd or 4th weapon attack before making physical contact with the npcs. This is after running toward, then past, the npcs. Then thralls chase npcs and start up the “swing and a miss” routine. This makes playing as an archer very difficult to enjoy.

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This one is so weird, not sure why I need to both watch my fight and keep vision on thrall’s fight at the same time.

Might as well not have the thrall take any damage at all when not looking.

Tad disappointed there’s no craftable cone of shame for pets that misbehave.

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^ LOL, cone of shame.

NPC’s not taking damage unless you’re nearby is frustrating.
While I’m fighting a purge coming in on one side of my base.
2 to 3 of my thralls on the other side have been fighting a baby scorpion for the last 15 minutes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Baby scorpions are the second toughest creature anyway, OP HP pool…just below the Bunnies, the most dangerous and evasive creature yet…stand back Miss, hes looking right at us. I am prepared to throw myself between you and the monster…ah, just run!

But seriously, it makes the game more difficult, i gotta manage so many extra elements with the memory shave into lag mode…

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