Mount behaviour in combat - something wrong


(testlive, singleplayer, no mods)

I previously reported that the horse does not appear to be running away from combat properly, and frequently seems to get in the way instead (but it was possible lack of space was a factor).

I now have more details - it does not appear to be simply a ‘follow’ issue where the horse tries to get too close to the player during combat. It appears to be an ‘aggro’ issue - the horse seems to be trying to attack enemies, but has no attacks so winds up just standing there in the way, getting hit.

A clear example came when I raided Scavenger’s Berth - we were still outside the camp with plenty of space, I had just killed the ‘gate guards’ and the only remaining threat in range was an archer. The archer shot my horse and the horse immediately charged into the camp and stood in front of him while he drew his sword and hit it several times (until I went over and stopped him…). This meant that the horse went directly away from me, and directly towards the only available threat - which definitely seems like it was trying to attack the archer.

Is it possible that a part of the old horse behaviour (back when they could attack and didn’t run away) has reappeared by accident?


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