Mouse driver crash

**Game mode:Online private
**Type of issue Crash
**Server type PvE
**Region: Europe

[Describe the bug here]

After some hours of game-play (could be 4 hours) the mouse driver crashes.
something I never had before.
reinserting the mouse doest help, rebooting does.
using a logitech usb wired mouse extremely standard thus.
this in combination of a wireless keyboard which has no problems at all and keeps functioning during the crash.
connection type usb3

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.had this driver crash 5 times but cannot pinpoint any regularity
2.(reminder to my selves check port function with other equipment)

had the crash again,
this time I checked the usb port for functionality with an usb stick.
the stick was perfectly readable.
then changed the mouse to an usb two port, the mouse worked again.
conclusion, hardware is okay.

still it seems like I’m the only one reporting this issue…?
its very strange why does the mouse losses functionality on the usb3 port after two or more hours of play.
wile the port remains usable for usb-drives.

This sounds more like an issue with your mouse and its drivers than a game issue. I recommend that you start with the mouse and make sure your drivers are up to date. Secondly, if it is a wireless mouse, replace the battery. I know mine gets wonky when the battery is getting worn out.

its a logitech wired mouse
no other software crashes the usb3 driver.
the mouse still works on usb 2 ports when this happens.
drivers are and were up to date.

I know how it looks that,s why I only report this after 5 crashes and not the first.
all suggestions have been checked before writing.

Any other recent changes?
Like Windows Update?

the event reporter doesn’t mention anything on it.
but just had it in facebook wile the computer was only running for ten minutes so its not related to Conan Exiles.
thus it seems its hardware related.
still its odd cos i still can read usb sticks on the port when it happens.

Might be a worn out mouse. I have to replace mine about every 6 months. Really wish they lasted longer, but not much i can do about that. I use the Logitech M570 Marble Mouse and it is not a manufacturing defect. My hands sweat and that cause issues with them. Its even worse with the wired mice.

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that would mean it would have the same problem on the usb2 port.
the inconsequent behaviour makes me think its related to a bad connection on the motherboard.
also the fact event manager makes no mention of the event hints this way.
if so I better not write any files over this port until fixed.
the machine is due for a good clean anyway.

what I question is,is the usb2 driver not the same driver as the usb3 driver ??
if so then I can be sure its hardware related.
meanwhile the topic is going more and more oft topic.
so better close the tread.
thank you all trying to help.

Closed at your request.

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