Razer Synapse conflict messes with mousing

For future reference when it happens to other players.

Razer mice running Synapse 3.x will experience mouse outages at variable intervals. There is no cure or workaround, your mouse will return to normal when the interrupt is over.

Issue: programmable interrupt controller conflict.


  1. Manually remove mouse from Device Manager
  2. Make sure you check the box to remove drivers
  3. Restart PC
  4. Repair Synapse under Windows Settings | Apps
  5. Manually update the Mouse Driver in Device Manager (you will need to browse to Program Files(X86) for this)

Obviously the simplest solution might be to Uninstall/Re Synapse 3.0, but I don’t want you to lose your settings and preferences. The crucial part is to ensure Windows removes your mouse driver during the uninstallation. This is why I recommend Steps 1 & 2.

This is repeatable and there appears to be no other solution. This issue is only applicable to the Test Branch. This does not occur with Synapse 2.x.


THANK YOU. My pain is great in the devkit and now I know why… not sure I can use your fix because mine is wireless but the info is appreciated nonetheless.

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In your case, because there is some complication to the wireless send/receive being potentially registered as separate units, it would be advisable to uninstall Synapse. Absolutely back up your settings to the Cloud first and unless there’s a conflict, almost everything should carry over. Often, the Linked Games feature can stop working, which is a pain. If you set a Windows Restore Point and don’t like what’s happened in the uninstall/reinstall, you can easily bounce back to where you were.

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