Mouseover Tooltips and recipes (and other minor suggestions)

One of the biggest annoyances in the game is that I have to constantly alt-tab out and look up recipes and ingredients on the Conan Wiki because of the intricacy of the recipe.
An easy example is: you want to build a door, that door requires 2 types of ingredients, which each in turn requires different ingredients which can be obtained by…
To spend so much time out of game just to see the recipe is frustrating and breaks immersion almost completely.
An easy solution would be a mouseover tooltip on each thing that shows you the ingredients needed, and a RECIPE PIN option to pin/display the recipe somewhere in your interface so you don’t constantly have to go back and check what the recipe was.
I think crafting, which is one of my favorite things in the game, and a fundamental aspect of it would benefit from this tremendously.

Minimap. Enough said.
Questgivers. Just simple, scripted NPCs that can guide you around at least in a vague direction would be nice. At least for the main quest line which is to escape the Exiled Lands.

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