Minimap and Roleplaying

I hope to add a small map to the game screen, or to see the location of the tribe’s friends on the screen, instead of pressing M every time to find my teammates, especially finding teammates in the dungeon is troublesome
Hope to add more buildings.
Instead of having to install MOD to expand the decoration of the house

Hey there,

I have moved this thread to the Suggestions subforum, as it is providing feedback on the base game overall; it does not seem to concern Update 2.0 or the Isle of Siptah DLC specifically. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Developers do not reply to suggestions, as they would like the community to discuss them themselves.

Tbh just a compass would be enough and if it allowed you pin a location on the map that would show on the hud that would be perfect, even if it was a lv60 buildable item it would still be a great tool for all.

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