Simple Ideas for the game. Small things big impact

Just some simple ideas to help make the game a lot more enjoyable that I think implementation would enhance the experience… not a lot but enough to not frustrate and make team based gaming more enjoyable. Some are copied from other games and some are not.

Idea #1: Have your clan members appear on the world map. Yes its small and simple but when playing with people especially brand new people finding them after death or simply regrouping can be a difficult task especially when running long distances you can lose people quite easily and when some less experienced members do not know where to go it can be hard.

Idea #2: Somewhat related to the first one but have your waypoints appear on the map for clan members to. Once again helping less experienced players find their way. Take the Abyssal Remnant for example. It would be much easier to just tag the location then to try to and explain it. How I have gotten around this is literally by using paint and sending it in discord but for the casual player it would be annoying.

Idea #3: Compass bearings. Similar to how PUBG has their compass for direction have one for this to. It would make it easy just to get bearings and navigate especially through tricky areas and explaining it would be easier. Would mean less time looking at the map and more time immersed in the game. Might also add waypoints to it and points of interest such as your bed or an area like Sepermeru.

Idea #4: Being able to get in game maps which reveal points of interest or journey locations like the tower of bats. Now I know lots if not all will just google it but its one more thing to have to take you away from the immersive experience of the game. Maybe ways of getting in game maps to reveal locations such as crafting in religious sites or being able to craft for those specific locations.

Idea 5: More in game friendly villages such as Serpermeru but not as big. Just small areas that might have a trader or merchant to help you get items that are usually else where. For example trading Iron for Fur if your in the south eastern parts of the map.

Idea 6: A small book you can pick up in spawn that gives you hints and basic controls to a point. Maybe things like “I was out here for days eating nothing but insects I found in shrubs” to give the new players to the entire genre a bit of an idea of whats possible.

Idea 7: Time based events. Things that happen on a weekly or regular basis to keep people online. high level events designed to bring everyone together to fight a boss or do a quest. Maybe even a previous battle such as the Abyssal Remnant but change it to make it far more harder. Idea is to keep ongoing play a thing and change things up for higher levels.

Anyways these are just a few ideas I have a heap more. The game is great but with some minor tweaking it can be so much better.


Why this post is not getting more attention is beyond me. These are basic usability improvements that will drastically help players get to the fun, rather than fumble around with a half-developed user experience.

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Idea 1
Would be great to see the mates, true.

Idea 2
Would be great also to mark for me and for clanmembers too. Also deleting my marks this bug should be fixed.

Idea 3
Please no, i dont need a compass and i dont know if this tool would fit at conan exiles. We are banned people in an exiled land… describe others were to get is much better i think.

Idea 4
Oh why? Running around and explore is much better and have more immersive instead watching a map or getting a map for nothing. I like how it is now, if i want to know what is there i have to get there and have a look.

Idea 5
Yeah would be nice to have a small village at the regions but again we are exiles in all others there also exiles, banned ppl. Than it should be a villiage for every relgion where you dont get attacked if you are with this religion like you have a ymir atlar lvl 1 or higher the ymir village in the north area is safe for you.

Idea 6
A beginner tutorial book you mean, sounds good but again you are an exile near dead and got safed from conan. The beginner tutoial book wont fit. Better a near by village with some NPCs that tells you what you should to in this exiled land with many dangerous locations. Like a priest tells you go for a relgion and build an altar than you are friendly with them and can trade with these people. Or a blacksmith tells you how you build your first weapon.

Idea 7
I would love it but i dont be a fan from timed events with limitation on it. If you dont have time because of reallife you miss it. I feel bad for this events. MHW have this and everytime i think “f*** off i dont have time now and miss it again”… It should be timed for every server like every 48 hours a random event starts for x hours. Than like the purge, a boss monster spawn or the undead is running from north to south (GoT like). Or at the swamp a blague raise… or maybe the dragons decide to go on a hunt and run around the desert, not only the red area…

Maybe an editor for the server with events would be great.

Most ideas i like really and we should wait what funcom will do in the future.

Iam missing Big Boss Monsters atm the most, we have avatars but no Boss Monster with a big size… The Dragons (skeleton) are way to small!

(sorry for my english, iam german)

And tameable/ridable “monsters” that can do special things and help you with stuff

Sorry Mitch, but this isn’t ark, and I for one am so very happy there are no mounts. Just foot stomping, dust pounding, mud squishing, road running good time.

Besides the map is a great size, on a good scale. When you travel somewhere you feel like you accomplished something without grinding your face againced concrete.

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The map thing would be good to see each other but I think it would be better if you had a map table kinda like the map room concept but is placed in a base and you can open it up and add markers to it for the clan. That way each member can add things of interest and only add the ones they want to their own map.

This would cover multiple points made above.

As for time based events the purge is kinda covering that add that with sandstorms. The only thing I might suggest is the ability to fight special things that only spawn at server set times. But that is still kinda iffy.

As for towns I would personally like to see a rep like system with the different religion cults. And maybe even certain groups so they will only attack you if first attacked.

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  1. This is a good idea as long as it is only with clan members, there’s so many people that want to see enemies on map and I think that idea is garbage.

  2. That absolutely makes sense especially if 1. was implemented

  3. There been a lot of people saying compass, I think it’s a bad idea and haven’t been in a situation where it’s needed. If some one asks where I am I give the a directional bearing from a landmark, they open their map and then head in that direction

  4. Finding maps in game would be cool and way better than the things other people are suggesting. Something to tuck away and keep in mind for a later outing

  5. I agree with this to an extent, kinda weird that there is only one nuetral zone

  6. Not now but later on when the game actually works this would be fantastic, a reason for people to band together, or to fight

Grav, good idea.

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Great to hear peoples feedback on the topic. I feel like there is a huge amount of these little things that could go a long way

  1. No, I like that there is no artificial game elements involved here. No parties. No group mechanics. Hell, not even /tells. It adds to the realism I think.

  2. Same as 1.

  3. I would agree to this as long as it was an equipment item you had to craft and have in your inventory.

  4. Mmmmm maybe

  5. No. The area is supposed to be a vast wasteland. This is the point of player cities. Everyone is so bent on world domination right now. Eventually people will start working the political and trade aspects (I hope).

  6. shrug

  7. Nice to have… but between this and just more PvE content in general and I would prefer more PvE content in general.

Plus the map room seems kind of unwieldy, a table would be a lot less immersion breaking imo