A very important little suggestion for Conan: Exiles

Hello to all Devs Conan: Exiles and players, my name is Felipe is known as Teta and I come here to give you a suggestion to be developing within the game, I follow the game since Alpha and release on Steam, I have noticed many updates and improvements, including new DLC’s to be obtained through purchase, however I have a suggestion related to the game’s gameplay is as follows:

When we enter into a group / party / clan … allied players of the same clan are not located on the Global Map and there is no Compass in the game to assist in the location, it would be very good and useful to deploy this system, the game on the gameplay screen would appear: Life, Experience, Stamina and a Simple Compass in the middle of the screen that would indicate North, South, East, West … with allied player markers … as well as a Global Map Marking accessed with a “M” key.

So that’s it guys this is my suggestion for the game:

  • Deploy a localization system for players of the same clan / group / party … that works not only as a compass, but also in the global map “M”.

I’m sure many players would be happy with this and it would make a lot of difference, since we do not have any marking, names … when we are away from the allies and we never know their location to help …

A hug and I await replies :slight_smile:

Note: This game is wonderful, best survival / RPG I’ve ever played, the Devs are to be congratulated.

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