Location, Aggro/Combat, and Time

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I have been following Conan Exiles since day 1, and one thing that always bothered me is location, yes we have a map we know where WE are, but what about clan members and exactness? I play regularly with my friends and a constant issue I have is having to ALWAYS stick together in line of sight because we ALWAYS lose sight of eachother and we always have to retrace our steps back to find each other while exploring together, now, I suggest two things to help this inconvenience to all, a transparent compass on the top of the screen showing E, W, N, S with discovered locations and made map markers shown according to which direction a person is facing while simultaineously also being able to see that a clan member is in that same direction that one is facing. This would have helped me so many times and saved me and my friends so many headaches with traveling together simply to know where each other is. I am sure many other people have this problem too where everyone gets separated somehow. Another thing I suggest is being able to see a clan members location on the map in real time. The land of the Exiles is HUGE, especially with the addition of the swamp and volcano, so a coordinates addition to the map to be able to find locations of interest would be extremely helpful as well. Fighting on Conan Exiles after the combat overhaul has been amazing and very fun, and one thing I have issues with is that it can also be hectic as well with fighting more than a few things at the same time. I suggest a indicator that is able to notify the player that they are being targeted for attack by however many creatures that may be attacking the player, which can show the direction and distance of said creature from whichever direction (God of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins have perfect examples of this). In addition to combat, I feel like the system can be further improved, there’s always room for improvement!, in this case I feel like a parrying function should be added where you can parry (counter) another’s attack in just the right moment and time, and be able to counterattack accordingly, this would further take the combat to a immersive skill-based system (each parry would decrease durability much like hitting something and cause stagger).The animations for knocking people down and other types of effects needs to be aligned with its intended function for example: when I use a pike and use the light combo, I knock them down but they immediately get up as if it never happened and the animations immediately stops and the other person attacks (it’s very strange and needs a lot of work). Added button combinations for different types of attacks would be a great addition as well. Time, I always struggle with the time of day in Conan Exiles, mostly because every server is different and some days are slower than others, I would love to see a current in-game display of the time of day somehow and be able to know exactly when will it be night or day to prepare for either or.