Mini Map playing with friends tracking

Not sure if this topic, but after join a good friend server and all hype around new DLC as we play together fine difficulty look at map and seeing us on map as dot. Great have mini map on lower right either choose option been circular or square shape. Or some type of name label we can choice have on or off so map see where all at, as at the moment on ground only been close to that person see who. Love some feedback hopefully can be implemention as have discord on stream and in the community discord conan caterogory.

Hey there,

I have moved this thread to the Suggestions subforum, as it is providing feedback on the base game overall; it does not seem to concern Update 2.0 or the Isle of Siptah DLC specifically. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Developers do not reply to suggestions, as they would like the community to discuss them themselves.

Just to clarify, since you had your thread tagged with ‘mod’, I assume you are already aware of the mini-map mods out there?

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