Testlive/Feedback for Early Access Siptah?

Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead, but how will feedback be handled for Siptah? Will there be a parallel thread in the testlive forum? Will there be a feedback thread in this forum? Will it be lumped together in the PC Bugs forum? etc…

Hey there,

The Isle of Siptah receives base game updates as well as its own updates to flesh out the map and squash bugs. Isle of Siptah DLC-specific feedback and issue reports should be posted on the Isle of Siptah subforum.

Edit: For bugs, please check the PC Bugs and Isle of Siptah subforums for existing threads on each issue and post there. Otherwise, please make a seperate thread for each issue.

Most of the items from the Exiled Lands are available on the Isle of Siptah map. If you are experiencing an issue on the Isle of Siptah map with base game items, you can check on single-player whether the issue persists. Also, check base game patch notes for any changes which may have caused the issue.

Issue reports should follow these guidelines:

You may post Isle of Siptah or Update 2.0 related issues on the Isle of Siptah subforums. They will be seen regardless. If posting on the PC Bug subforums, include Isle of Siptah as location where relevant.


Hey @bbtech

Any feedback regarding Isle of Siptah should be sent here.
Next game updates will affect both Isle of Siptah and the Exiled lands, so when we release new Testlive patches feedback should go into that forum category regardless of the map affected. We might change some of the forum templates to accommodate for which map an issue is being reported.
If we seek feedback about specific features of the map, we might also create feedback threads not unlike what we’ve done in the past (or at this moment here)

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Does Dedicate Server 1.2.5 support the ability to specify which map server is hosting? Is there some hidden setting in a config file for that?

This should answer your questions:

Thanks for the quick response. Trying 1.2.5, now just to figure out how to remove the mod list which is no longer in sync with the base game. (Still search for the Mod Management tool, to hopefully prevent the mod list respawn.)

Assuming your modlist.txt is not read-only, just removing the list of mods in the server launcher will regenerate an empty modlist.txt file.

Now that the mods have been cleared and the server is running, should the buildings on the map have been reset?

Note: Perhaps the “Save Settings” could be highlighted a bit more (or have a menu option).

No idea, depends of what the mods were doing, if the mods were adding building pieces, these pieces are not there anymore, so there’s a chance that the entire building collapse - and that’s also why it’s important to have automated backups so in case of major catastrophe you can revert back to a game.db that still have usable data.

Note: Perhaps the “Save Settings” could be highlighted a bit more (or have a menu option)

At the beginning there was not so many options, so this button was hard to miss, but I guess I could make it more obvious.

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