Moving Save files from Coop world to Dedicated server on xbox game pass

As you may have read in the title. I am trying to set up a dedicated server so my friends and I dont have to deal with the tethering distance. Now setting up the server, getting to the server settings and even finding the save files for my coop world is going perfectly fine. It’s the dedicated server save files I am struggling with. Does anyone know where I can locate them for Xbox game pass?

Nevermind I found it. For anyone looking for it. In C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ConanSandbox\Saved the game.db can be found with which you can just transfer your game data to a server by copy pasting it (thus replacing the already existing game.db if that was unclear) in the server tool that funcom provides. Yes the server tool uses steam directories but it still works luckily.

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