Transfer Game Pass save game to Steam

Hi all,

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles through the Microsoft Game Pass with a couple of mates and enjoyed it enough to purchase the game through Steam.

Is there a way to transfer the single player/co-op ‘game.db’ file from the Game Pass version to Steam so we don’t lose all our progress/buildings/thralls etc?


Maybe. Could you transfer it over and have the buildings and such the? Ya probably. But not your characters. You could see your existing characters asleep on the floor, but you’ll never be able to play them. Might be able to recreate the characters and use Pippi to mine this new character into the clan so that you regain ownership of your stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate it.

Doesn’t sound like there is an easy way round this. And also highlights an issue around vendor lock in regarding all the launchers the publishers are throwing at us. Not good.

Funcom - if you’re watching, how about creating a way to transfer accounts?


There is no easy way. You have to know, your steam funcom id is not the same as the GamePass Funcom id. What you could try is the following way:

a) the way with a dedicated server

  1. Setup a dedicated server, best you use a separate pc but it can work on the same machine if its powerful enough. I encourage to use the Server Launcher from here, that is the best option.
  2. copy your game.db file to the server
  3. login to your own server with your MS Account. so you have transfered your local game to the dedicated server, where you can access your char as well as your buildings
    4)make your server available via internet, so you can invite your friend. If not done already , make a clan with your friend.
  4. start your steam game, choose your own server and create a new char. Go to your base.
  5. for the next step it is necessary, your friend is logged in to your dedicated server.
  6. your friend invites you into the clan…

b) the way with copying

  1. Take your game.db from local game and send this to your friend.
  2. He can replace his local game.db with this one (he should take a backup before)
    IMPORTANT! This will overwrite his single player game
  3. Now your friend can start the coop game, you can enter his game. If this works fine, you can create a new char with steam. Give your friend your steam funcom id, so he can invite you to the coop session (he hosts).
  4. Let your friend invite you into the clan, and you have access to your old game with a new char (the old one still exists)
  5. Important: This works as long as your friend hosts the game. If you want to play also without your friend, he hast to send you back the actual game.db
  6. This can be tricky, so before overwriting something, always make a backup!
  7. You should filnd a solution who will be the hoster. In hosted games only the hoster gets an actual game.db. That is the reason I would allways prefer the solution with a dedicarted server.
  8. Only follow this steps if you know what you do. I will not take any responsibility for corrupted games/game.dbs

It is only a possibility! ALL IS ON YOUR OWN RISK!

c) Change funcom id in game.db

And here is another solution, well described for the change of the funcom id ( your wish boils down to that, replace your GamePass funcom id in the game.db with your steam

How to get your character back and keep playing while waiting for Funcom to fix update - Conan Exiles / PC Discussion - Funcom Forums

This thread has an other context, but the result is it shows how to change a funcom id in a game.db

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Thanks very much, this was very helpful.

Changing the Funcom ID in game.db seems to have done the trick.

Essentially I created a new game in the Steam version which created a new Funcom ID.

Quit the game, opened the ‘game.db’ file from under ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved’ with the SQLite application.

‘Browse Data’ tab → select ‘account’ table.

Made a note of the ‘user’ ID code (16 digit code).

Renamed the ‘game.db’ file to ‘game.db.old’.

Copied the GamePass save game from under ‘C:\Users…\AppData\Local\Packages\FuncomOsloAS.ConanExiles_pkaskhy6cdq4g\LocalCache\Local\ConanSandbox\Saved’ to the Steam save game folder above.

Opened this in SQLite. ‘Browse Data’ tab → select ‘account’ table. Then changed the old Funcom ID for the new one that was created from the Steam version.

Saved the file and loaded Conan in Steam, continued game and loaded fine.

Hope this helps someone else out.



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