How to get your character back and keep playing while waiting for Funcom to fix update

Game mode: [(Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: [Any]

[My character is gone]

Get my toon back.

How to get your character back if you have access to the game.db

  1. If you’re playing locally and have steam installed to default location, the game db is here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\game.db

Next download DB Browser for SQLite

Now login first and create a new character. This way you can see the “new” ID, Funcom has assigned you. I created a toon call my toon “Noob”

Now stop the server or game and copy or open your game.db (This is where you need Sqlite browser)

Go to the “Browse Data” table and select “characters” by table.
See image: “Characters”

Her playerID is 8… my old character playerID is 2. (used to be steamID)

First delete Noob. Noob’s ID is 19639
delete FROM properties WHERE properties.object_id = 19639
delete FROM actor_position where id = 19639
delete FROM item_properties WHERE owner_id = 19639
delete FROM item_inventory WHERE owner_id = 19639
delete from characters where playerId = 8
See: “SQLCommand” image

Now go back to the browse Data tab and change the playerID to the new one you have now… In my case 8. And hit apply

See: “EditCharacter” image

And finnally Write Changes to database.

see “SaveChanges”

And now copy your game.db back and restart server or game.





This temp fix is provided by Teella. I am in game playing now with everything intact. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankfully I only have ~1600 characters in my DB, won’t be that much effort to “migrate” them…
After this and many other corrupted updates I start to wonder if Funcom even test some of their patches.

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I wish the devs thought of the implications of introducing an online service that assigns new char IDs to an already live player base when they log into their server.


Hi, i have a little problem with this method. I changed the game.db, saved the changed file, uploaded it to the server. Everything seems okay. But if i start the server, the game.db is overwritten with the old game.db an I have no idea why. I deleted all game.db backupfiles from the server, but he still overwrite my edited game.db. How the hell the server knows the old db? Why he overwrites my damn file? I dont understand this System.

Under the execute sql tab run the command vacuum. If it says database is corrupted, copy from server again, then run vacuum again to make sure it’s not corrupted.

If it is corrupted, start the server, let it boot up fully, and then stop it. Server is usually good at decorrupting database. May have to start and stop a few times…

Hi, I’m getting a syntax error. Could someone give me a hand with this?

Execution finished with errors.

Result: near “delete”: syntax error

At line 1:

delete FROM properties WHERE properties.object_id = (My ID number is here)


Nevermind, forgot the damn semicolons.

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J’ai tenté de suivre vos conseils pour récupérer mon personnage et suivi vos consignes.
Ainsi j’ai recréé un personnage sur ma partie solo mais lorsque j’ai ouvert le fichier “game.db” avec DB Browser pour SQLite, il n’y a que le nouveau personnage de la partie solo qui apparaît.

J’ai donc été sur un serveur en ligne où j’avais déjà un personnage. J’ai recréé un nouveau personnage et lorsque j’ouvre le “game.db” je n’ai que le personnage de la partie solo qui apparaît.
Du coup impossible de changer quoi que ce soit.

Salut @Joy !

C’est normal, le fichier game.db stocké sur ton ordi correspond au « serveur local » des parties solo/co-op.

Si tu n’es pas administrateur du serveur en ligne, tu n’as pas accès à la version serveur du fichier.

Si tu l’es… c’est dans les dossiers sur le serveur qu’il faut aller le chercher, via un ftp ou autre. :smiley_cat:

J’ai bien regardé sur GPortal mais ne sont visibles que des fichiers .ini
Le FTP j’ai plus l’habitude alors je vais plutôt attendre, j’ai pas envie de faire des bêtises sur le serveur…
En tout cas merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

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Instructions for anyone who wants to find the steam user that owns a character.

  1. Open the “game.db” file using DB Browser for SQLite.

  2. Go to the “Browse Data” tab

  3. Next to table select “account”

  4. copy the text in “user”

  5. Open a web browser and put "" in the url where you replace “USER” with the text from the “user” column in the database

This will take you their steam profile.

  1. Note the “id” number from the “account” Table in the database.
    Now when you go to the Table “characters” the “playerId” that is equal to the “id” number from the “account” Table is linked to that account.

Now that you know who owns that character you can message them, and ask what their new characters name is so you can find their Funcom Live ID and switch the user ids

You can convert multiple steam ID numbers at one at then click on the advanced tab

So did this fix result in anyone else having characters deleted?

Just logged in and my lvl 56 is still there without having to change the ID back. This tells me the merge in the hot fix worked. But then it locked up and when I relogged I got new char screen. Going to dL my game dB and put old ID back now.

Checked dL and char is deleted. Rolling back to previous save. Will update shortly.

Back in with game save from the 16th. All good. Char is only lvl 51 because I neglected to dL game dB before logging in, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok, so if you have not yet logged in:
-Take backup of game db
-Delete Steam ID
-Upload game dB to host
-Log in and check to see if char is there

Mine is all good now.

We went through this fix. Changing the playerID back from the new one to the old one before that player logged in to the newest patch version seems to have worked for us. No rollback to a prior database was needed. Relog with the character was also successful.

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That’s what we should have done but curiosity got the better of us. Wanted to see what would happen. No biggy as Teella could have recovered our characters later but had rl work to do first so I did what I had to do, lol. Krucifear = artist… Teella = coder. :nerd_face::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can you elaborate? I tried this fix with no success. What do you mean by delete Steam ID…my old character or the new one??



delete from account where user = 76561198008387361;

Just put your steam name in there

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I used a different method where I just clicked and deleted the record of the new character and then changed the ID of my old toon. I was using your SQL script above and it would delete all my toons lol. So, the 2nd method worked for me…now I just need to finish testing with my other players to make sure they’re all good.

This is STILL not working for me. I went to fix another player and now I am BACK at character creation screen!

My game.db must be getting overwritten even if I make sure to save changes and I see the changes I made and overwrite the game.db on the server. Grrr.

If you scroll up there is a post about the vacuum command. Check that one out. Fixes a corrupt dB but can take some starts and stops and starts.

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I finally got it working for me and my players. I had to restore a backup from the day of the patch and all good!

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