I cant find my old character

I come back in another pc to conan exiles and i havent my history and favorites server so i cant know where was my old character, can anyone help?

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Welcome and thank you for posting this. You read my mind. We are supposed to be able to see in the Server Browser provided by Funcom, but it no longer displays “levels” where I know for sure I have already played. I’d like to know how to obtain this info too.

I wonder…
Could this issue be related to your character being actively present on the server. A character is removed after a certain time, one week I think.

I don’t know if it’s going to work but a single effort won’t harm I guess. On Playstation g portal has a great delay to show history files. It takes from 3 to 5 minutes waiting until it shows something.
So take the effort to place the engine on history and wait 5 minutes, maybe it will show something, maybe.

I will try, thanks!

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At the end i find my old character going 1 to 1 trough 65 servers :slight_smile:


Well., that’s dedication, well done. Happy for you m8 :+1:t6:

The favorite list disappear sometimes. It’s good to know the numbers.

But I see a problem with the server merge. If someone come back with 3.0 for example and server was merged and you don’t know your old number you have no chance in my opinion. Or like op just try every single server.

A message at the main menu would be good. Also an option like history but just show you all servers where you have a character

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