Cant find my character

I transfered my character to another pvp server with 0 players on, played a few hours and now i wanted to invite my friend and i cant.
There was no option when i went to look at the server name in the pause screen only thing i see is revision and then some numbers …
In history there are no servers where my lvl 60 character is i cant find it anywhere…
Anyone knows what happend?

Welcome to the forum. The history isn’t working right now (at least for PS). The best thing I can tell you is to go to the server menu and fill out the filter fields you can and then sort by LVL. As far as I know, the LVL on the server still functions when the data comes in. If it doesn’t. Refresh and it should show up. Then, very important, mark that server as a favorite before logging in.

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Hey! Thanks for the fast reply and i tried that but i still cant find it. Only a lvl 7 is there… when i went to look at the server name only thing i saw where the name should be was “Revision(#343455/31942)”
Thats it. I cant find it anywhere

Are you on an offiical or a private server? It is best to write down the server name when you play.

Official should still be there but if it is a private server then the admin could have changed the name or shut the server down.

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