Ps4 Official Server missing for over a week?

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I haven’t been able to find the server I’ve been playing on for over a week. It isnt in my favorites or in my history. Is there something going on here? I think it was #3370, but I’m not positive. Any thoughts someone could offer would be appreciated.

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Does PS4 have an option to sort the servers by level? If so, you may do that in order to find the server you have created your character on.

It does, and the server doesnt show up that way either. I’ve only got two characters, one was my training wheels, and then the one I’m looking for, so it’s not like I’m just not seeing it or its lost in crowded results

Have you tried removing all filters and going for all servers? There used to be a problem with the pve-c filter a while ago.

I can try that again tonight, but I did try looking through all servers and couldnt find the one with my char

Yup, no dice. Character and server are completely missing. Any other ideas?

Hello @Tex75455, welcome to the community!

We can confirm that there was never a server #3370, are you sure it was an official server and not a private one with the “Official” wording in its name?

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@Tex75455 there are some private servers with official and numbers in the name I have seen them

Hmmm… interesting. Is there any way to search for my characters that doesnt involve looking for a server? I’ve been playing in that server since around March, so now I’m curious as to what may have happened. I found d the server by choosing something with the “official server” filter in, so it was definitely an official server

Unfortunately the only way to search for servers in which you have characters on the PS4 is through the level sorting, alternatively you might filter for History to show the latest servers you’ve played on, however, if the server is down it won’t show.

I found it! A buddy who used to play remembered a couple of the numbers, and I remembered some, so after trial and error… Its #3883. Character is still there and buildings are still there. However, when sorting by history or character level, this server still doesnt show up as having a character for me (which is why I couldnt find it in the first place). What’s going on?

It seems that there might be an issue with the server lists, according to what you’ve described.

Could you please confirm if the server still won’t show up when filtering by History, and that the character level is not shown?

It now shows up in my history and also shows in a character level search. Oddly it won’t stick to my favorites though

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