I don't find my 2 servers and my characters

Hi all.
Untill today all was fine 0 problems. Today I’m not able to find my characters into the 2 favourite official servers
The first server was in exiled lands.
The second was in siptah.

I see that login was a lot slot and synchro too. Then I realized that both characters and servers are gone from my list.


Just for info yesterday was all fine. Pls help me I don’t want to restart all from beginning :frowning:

Hi @Iwangor, welcome to the forums.

Characters are never intentionally deleted from official servers, unless there is a database rollback which is extremely rare and usually only sets players back a few hours.

Sorting the server list by character level might also not accurately display servers you have characters in.

Have you tried to filter the server list by History, so that it shows any recent servers you’ve played on?

I tryed to use history filter but nothing.

Just for info today when I started the game I wasn’t log in with my account and the when I log with my account synchro was too much slow. Same thing with verify permissions but just for info I don’t have connection problems.

Tell my pls how to solve the problem I’m desperate :frowning:

Atm appears 2 servers in siptah with filter History but I have to create a new character. I tryed to go inside siptah servers before to see if I could find my characters but nothing and in History appears only these 2 servers but nothing about my previous characters in siptah and exiled land. :frowning:

Oki I found my siptah server trying all the PVE official EUROPE servers but is insane… now I have to do the same with the PVE Exiled land servers?!?

I think there are some problems just for info I advise u about this bug.

I’m starting to find the Exiled land server too.

The server where I find this problem was Official server #7003 PvE - g - portal . com just for info but I don’t think is a server problem but something about synchro and log in into conan exiles with xbox account.

I’m starting to find the Exiled land server…

EDIT: I found the Official server 2021 PvE - g-portal. com PVE EUROPE all solved.

just for info I lost the 2 servers into favourite list and I insert both another time and I found an error when I log into Siptah server before then I tryed to go into the server and all goes fine.

However there is some problem about it I write the name of servers just for info if bug still appear in the future.

Check about this problem pls isn’t a good situation for a player and thanks however for the previous answer.

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