Server played lost

hi, i have characters in some servers, i didnt played since january, but i cannot find any server in which i have characters, the search functionality of conan exiles does not work, and dont mark my servers, how can i fix it? i dont want to start in new server from scratch and i dont remember the server name (official) where i was playing in january, steam server list dont work propertly…

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Have you reinstalled the game since January? If not, then those servers should be in your favorites in the in-game server browser.

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No longer working properly on Playstation doesn’t show your level. @Natros

I had to login to every single PVE EU Exile lands server to find mine when i returned to the game after a year, took me ages lol, but i eventually did. Just filter the servers using the drop down menus and keep logging in till you find your character.

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