Stayed in server until it shut donw for restart and now i cant find my char

i cant find my char after server restart. Im not sure what server it is now since when i logged back into the one at the top it took me to char creation so i tried a few other low ping ones to no avail. when i sorted the server list by lvl there isnt a single one with any lvld char, i clearly saw it show my char lvl when i logged in earlier. do i give up on that char? i put a solid amount of hours into it. feelbadman

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You could try Steam’s server search by game.

Steam’s main menu > View > game servers > choose Conan Exiles on the dropdown that reads “Any game” and filter by “history”.

It should show all the recent servers you’ve been to. We understand this is not a solution but it might help you on your quest. :slight_smile:

nothing showed up when i put conan but some other stuff showerd for counterstrike before i put the conan filter and just clicked history feelsbad. steam opens funcom launcher now maybe thats why.

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