Cant find my character or server!

I been away for a couple months AND came back to play, and my character is nowhere to be found nor is it on any server that’s I was playing on or that’s in my history section, ND everyone I’ve tried it’s telling me to make a new character,So wats going on did my character get deleted or server deleted with my character so that means my character is gone to or???..Please help Funcom or Conan Creators thank you

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They merged a bunch of servers that could be why you can’t find yours sorry I’m the only one to actually address your question in almost a year

Yes many servers were deleted and merged. It’s possible your character merged into another server and you don’t know the number. Try checking the server list to see if there are any characters leveled up on any servers. If you player PVE it most likely merged to another PVE server so try narrowing your selection to the server type you played and check the right side of server list where it shows character level on each server. It’s unreliable but might work.

I highly suggest making a new character and start playing while you’re looking for the old one.