How do i find my old characters to use for transfer?

Hey guys, so when i go into the history tab, i don’t have any servers in there. I wonder how i can find out, on which official i was playing on, long time ago, to use the lvl 60 character on the current server

Has your old server already been through a merge?

The server page has been off for awhile now so it does not correctly display things. You might have to go log into any server you might think was the one to find your lvl 60. If your server already did the merge you might just need to check the merge list and see if you can find your old server and the one it went to.

i had to go through all the official servers from my region to find the character… but i did!

In your game files on your computer you will have a list of all your servers that u played on including there IP address. Just google how to look them up,it`s easy.

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