Is there a way to find my chars?

As a returning player, having taken a year long break, I struggle to find the servers, I have chars on. Specifacally for Siptah, with the server merge last year.
There really should be a character list in this game.

If you haven’t played for a year, it’s possible that all your characters got deleted.
Not only buildings and thralls, but also characters disappear after a while (even tho the time is longer, as far as I know).

Other than that, you can try looking at the server list table: there is a field named “level” which is the level of your character on that server. If there is one with a number, you have a character on that server.

BUT, I have to say that this doesn’t work all the times: sometimes I noticed it didn’t work, but that’s long time ago (it is possible this has been fixed).

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Well, from the exiled server, the chars were still there, as they disappear visually from the server, but are not deleted. But thanks for the tipp with the level :slight_smile:

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