Char gone from official server?

I played a long time ago and thought i would go play again, but it seems like my char is gone from the official servers? i have 800+ hours on steam and for what i know chars shouldent get deleted?

I dont recall server number i played on, i know it was an official EU PVE server but thats about it.

Is there a way to get the char back? it had a ton of stuff on him when i left…

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You might be able to find it in Game.ini file (remember to close game first), or you can sort servers by level, and then wait for the list to refresh.

Good Luck!

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Tried searching for lvls and they are all showing nothing thats why iam wondering if my char is even around still, game.ini wont help much since ive changed PCs from when i played last so that wouldent show me much.

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The character will definitely still be on the server. If you had a lot of loot, I would personally just go down the list. It will take 30 mins, or so but it will be worth it.

A recent update messed with the server list a bit. A lot of my servers don’t show my level anymore either.

Hope you manage to locate it…

Guess thats worth a try see if it pops up at some point :slight_smile:

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Took a bit of time but managed to find my char with items intact even found a few other chars on my way hah so all good here, tread closed if that was an option… :slight_smile:


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