Returning Player

Game mode: * Online official
Type of issue: * Other
Server type: *PvE-Conflict
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: PS5

Bug Description:

I stopped playing 2018 on PS4, now i returned to the game on ps5 with my old Account. DLC’s are still working but i cant find my old charakter and can not remember server. How can i find it, or is it gone?

The server UI suppose to tell you what lvl or character you have on the server. In one of the columns state level. This is buggy and most of the time does not work. You would of figure this will get fix instead of adding more complexity to the game.

If you favourited the server go to the server slider and pick favourites , but if not its as the other guy said

On a PC in your game files you can look up all the IP addresses of all favorite servers you have played. It`s easy to look up just google it. However I do not know if you can do that on PlayStation. I have never used PlayStation.

die Lösung war simpler als gedacht. ich habe meine alten forum posts durchsucht und hab tatsächlich einen alten bug report gefunden in dem der alte server stand. dann musste ich nur noch den neuen zusammengelegten suchen und hab meinen char wieder. sogar am leben und mit kompletten inventar!

I don’t think you’ll be able to find your character. It’s been very long. If you need help and guidance to lvl up fast a new character I can help, just tell me where you play and after 17 of July I 'll jump in your server to help you with it.
Cheers m8, Welcome back :+1:t6:

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