Transfering account from Game pass PC to Steam?

Hello, I’m considering purchasing Conan exiles on steam after having a good time on gamepass, my only concern is, would it be possible to transfer over my same account (and progress) over to the steam version? and if so, how would do that? Where can I find the account info tied to my gamepass PC account?

Also, more importantly, would this transfer over all my progress in specific official servers?

It is very unlikely to be able to transfer your account, it has never been an option. The best you could do is create a clan, store everything you have in chests and invite your 2nd account with your game pass account. Then your 2nd account can use everything the clan owns.

I am not sure if you are able to launch 2 game instances on the same PC (I don’t use XBOX pass to test) but you can definitely log from 2 different computers to invite your 2nd character in the clan if you are the only member of it. If you have friends in the same clan, it will be even easier because they can invite your character.

Yeah I have friends in the clan, it’s just a shame that I’ll have to grind back up to level 60 and collect all the recipes and stuff…

Are you absolutely certain that there isn’t a way since I assumed they both would use a funcom account but maybe I’m wrong and they’re tied to the specific steam/Microsoft account.

No, I am not absolutely certain but I would be very surprised if it was possible. I guess you can wait for an official response.

For future reference, it was answered by Funcom here:

I’m afraid that is not possible, I’m sorry.

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