Multiple Aura Sorcery lag

When I cast two self target spells (the personal wisp and the detect resources) the game begins to lose FPS and movement becomes sluggish.

It seems to correct itself after one of the auras wear off. Was an intended side effect of casting two self spells as the same time or just a bug to squash ?

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Sim também notei isso mesmo fazendo em uma RTX está travando muito. Imagina em servidor online como vai ser essas travadas de FPS? Quando conjura o feitiço de ver recursos o jogo trava muito. Não está bem otimizado trava tudo acho que geral já percebeu isso também @Funcom_Community

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Thank you for your report. Can you tell us if you played on Singleplayer or on an Online server?
If it’s the case, can you share the server name as well?

We await your reply.

Online Official server US - PvP . (testlive). ExiledLands.

Sorry for the late reply.

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Vou gravar e postar aqui dentro do servidor online do testlive e também no Singleplayer e deixar os gráficos no mínimo para que possa ver como Não está otimizado assim que gravar vou editar esse vídeo e deixar aqui mesmo a link para poder comprovar.
Por favor confira @Funcom_Community

I have been having a similar issue with the summoned undead. the more i spawn the worse it gets. at 3 the game is almost unplayable. i have also used the instant farming spell but once i click to cast, the game freeze for a few seconds then everything just ends up in my inventory 10 to 15 seconds later. it gathers the same amount of recourses as a star metal tool used with a t3 resource improvement kit.

Thank you all for the additional information. We’ll let the team know asap!

Please let us know if you find any other issues while on TestLive.

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Thank you!

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